ByDale Henderson, writer at

With the ending of The Dark Knight Rises giving us glimpses of Bruce Wayne in Florence with the cat burglar ( whom, by the way was never called Cat Woman in the script) and Detective "Robin" John Blake ( as he clarifies his 'legal' name to the lady, just before she gives him a duffle bag......then proceeds to the new hidden Bat Cave laden with technology)......It is only logical to pick up the story line strings left dangling for us all and weave, knit, or write

the next chapter where Robin unites with The Batman and the Cat Burglar Woman..... Possible transforming "her" into the Bat Woman/Girl ? Greater liberties have been taken in the past with movie villains, protagonists and their sidekicks and/or protagonists.

There is a great wealth of choices to choose from in creating the next chapter in the Dark Knight franchise, and it is not a tired nor antiquated franchise when comparing it to say.... The Terminator or Alien franchises, since the actors portraying the Dark Knight characters are not exponentially older at present compared to when the last movie chapter was written. It would be a profitable enterprise to say the least, and the Batman Franchise is popular across myriad age groups and demographics. It is a win-win proposition.


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