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So a friend of mine was debating yesterday whether to go watch The Force Awakens or not. He has never watched Episoes 1,2 and 3 except for 20 mins of Phantom Menace (you can understand why he didn't watch the rest). He had watched the original films but a very long time ago.

Now I thought thought he should absolutely watch the film, especially at the cinema as I believe it's going to be awesome. To help him out, I gave him a run down of the last 6 films so that he would go into The Force Awakens knowing all he should. Now he's a social butterfly so I didn't want to write tons of info so I kept it simple and under 2 mins, which seems to have worked.

Heres what I gave him. Stop watch ready...

and go!

Episode 1 - Anakin is introduced and Obi Wan is his teacher.

Episode 2 - Anakin hits puberty and has feelings in places he's never had before for Padme. Obi Wan is still his teacher.

Episode 3 - Anakin is now a man and thinks he's the bees knees. Gets corrupted by some dodgy old bloke who's probably on a list somewhere. Anakin gets Padme knocked up and because he won't marry her Obi Wan loses it and chops his legs off and bbq's him and leaves for dead. Anakin becomes Darth Vader. Luke and Leia are born.

Episode 4 - Luke is all grown up with abandonment issues,then loses remaining family and meets Obi Wan who becomes his teacher. Harrison Ford turns up as Han Solo and is instantly cooler than everyone. Luke destroys the Death Star and Vader kills Obi Wan.

Episode 5- Luke meets Yoda who's probably on a list somewhere and Han gets frozen and says a "I know" and is instantly cooler than everyone. Luke finds out Vader is his dad and heads straight back to the shrinks couch.

Episode 6 - Luke, Leia and Lando break out Han from Jabba. Luke finds out Leia is his sister and is sorry/not sorry for kissing her. Vader and Luke fight and Luke wins by getting daddy to lob the old pervert down a hole. Although he dies and joins Obi Wan in the afterlife and realises he's the worst teacher ever. Everyone is happy as the galactic empire has been defeated... or has it.

And done.

So there you go. All ready for the new film.

So what do you think? Would that be handy to a none Star Wars fan.

I guess we'll see if it helped my friend in the next few days.

Thats all for now.

See you soon.


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