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It's that time of the year again! With only less than two weeks before Christmas, people are starting to pack up and come home for the holidays. The best part of going home is undoubtedly the reunions! Jammin' with old friends, reminiscing about the good ol' days in your onesies, eating cookies and drinking some booze.

That's exactly what the cast of VicTORIous did!


Yep, they all banded together to watch VicTORIous episodes, eat cookies, drink wine and act all adorkable! Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas III, Elizabeth Gillies, Avan Jogia, and even Ariana Grande (who cancelled the remainder of her international tours for the holiday)!

The lead star of VicTORIous shared this on Instagram:

Onesie party! It's giving us old fans a heavy dose of the feels - happy, hopeful, and nostalgic! The cast also shared little videos on their Snapchats, such as these from Daniella Monet and Ariana Grande (shared by an Ariana G. update account).

Ariana and Dani being goofballs

Tori, Liz and Ariana being as hilarious as their former onscreen characters

This proves that there is no bad blood between Ari and Tori!

And to add to the holiday spirit, here's a song from the VicTORIous special, ' A Christmas Tori'. In this episode, everyone was assigned a secret Santa, where each students' gifts must be creative (or something), otherwise they would be forced to yodel Christmas carols with strangers.

The song pretty much explains how I feel right now, a few years after the beloved sitcom has ended.

VicTORIous ended in 2013, without a proper finale, might I add. So when Matt Bennett shared this Instagram pic...

What does this mean Matt?!

Is he hinting at a VicTORIous Season 5? Considering that in the 60th and final episode of the show, the students of Hollywood Arts hadn't bid their goodbyes yet (not like in iCarly), there's plenty of room for stories to develop!

If this is true, then cue the hashtag ! However if Matt is just humoring our desperate attempts to get the band back together, this one IG comment sums up our feelings:

What's that supposed to mean, Matt?!
What's that supposed to mean, Matt?!


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