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Oscar Winner Cate Blanchett is having another stellar year with her critically acclaimed performance in Todd Haynes' Carol and now there's news of Marvel wanting the Academy Award Winner for their third Thor film.

Blanchett's possible role in the upcoming Marvel sequel is unknown at this time. The film will star Chris Hemsworth (In The Heart Of The Sea) as Thor, Tom Hiddleston (I Saw The Light) as Loki and Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight) as the Incredible Hulk. The film is directed by Taiki Waititi (What We Do In The Shadows).

Blanchett is no stranger to the fantasy world as she portrayed the Lady Galadriel in Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit films.

I think Blanchett would fit perfectly into the world of Thor, I just hope she has a substantial role because she's one of my favorite actresses working today. Blanchett looks to be nominated for her 7th Oscar in 2016 with her phenomenal performance in the 1950's drama Carol.

I'm excited about the Thor: Ragnarok production already, although I was letdown by Thor: The Dark World, this sequel sounds promising. Taiki Waititi who directed one of my favorite comedies of 2015; What We Do In The Shadows, is in the directors chair which should make for a hopefully very unique Marvel film. You can check out What We Do In The Shadows right now on Netflix.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3rd 2017.

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