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Baldwin Collins

This fourth movie in the action film franchise, had failed to excite the Jason Statham fans according to media reports, However the new Transporter star Ed skrein did deliver the goods the acting i mean in this installment. As every fan knows frank martin is a former special -ops mercenary. and according to him is now living a less periless lifestyle, than his previous escapades . in this movie we see that frank has a back ground, and family. yes. his Father frank senior makes a weekend visit to our heroes home. Hardly finding the time to bond with dad. Frank still accepts the contracts now and then, he takes a contract from a mysterious woman caller named Anna played by Loan Chabanol. As usual frank states out all of his rules to the client when taking on a new job. they are called 3 rules, no names. no Questions. and no Renegotiations . which works against him this time around.

However Anna tells frank the transporter the plane where he's to pick her up and her two packages out side of a Bank , everything seems to be Going according to the plan, The transporter arrives on time waiting for Anna. suddenly Anna appears from the building. and gets into Frank's car she orders him to wait a little longer, three other woman elites from the building identically dressed like Anna and also enters Frank's car. a Feud Develops between Anna and frank, Frank decides to go no further with the operation, Anna suddenly take out her camera phone showing frank that she and her other team of women has kidnapped his father and holding him as hostage until frank carries out her other plans.

Anna has revenge on her mind, a Human trafficker that operates a prostitution ring, had did Anna some wrong many years ago, so she decides to destroy his empire. Frank the transporter has to follow through Anna's plan or loose his father. most of this movie is driven by fantastic action sequences martial art moves and car chases. in my opinion the movie tries to be a James Bond type movie. But still great fun for action film fans like myself. the movie was released on September 4. 2015. Still a must see movie.


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