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The past couple weeks have been the golden age for film fans, with trailers dropping for Captain America: Civil War, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and The BFG. Joining them most recently was the long-awaited trailer for the next X-Men film, [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267).

You can watch the trailer here:

The film rounds up the trilogy of X-Men films that started with X-Men: First Class. It continues with the younger cast members, such as James McAvoy as Professor Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. Joining those mutant veterans are newcomers including Sophie Turner as young Jean Grey, Tye Sheridan as young Cyclops, and Alexandra Shipp as young Storm.

Also joining the cast is Oscar Issac, playing the villain Apocalypse. After villains like Magneto, Shaw, and the Sentinels, it looks like Apocalypse is going to be the deadliest yet, with the movie tagline reading "only the strong will survive." Sure, you could take that to mean that the X-Men need to strengthen up before their fight with Apocalypse, but I believe that the tagline is going to be taken a bit more morbidly.

What if some of the mutants don't survive?

The film boasts a huge cast of mutants that includes Quicksilver, Jubilee, Psylocke, Angel, and Nightcrawler, along with all of the returning mutants from other films. That leaves quite a few opportunities open for some mutant fatalities. But who could they kill off in the new X-Men movie without there being an ensuing uproar?

I'm very sure that the new, younger cast of Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm are all safe. After they spent an entire movie fixing the mistakes of X-Men: The Last Stand, I'm certain they they will not kill these characters all over again. I'm also sure that Professor X and Magneto will survive, as they are sure to drive forth the next wave of X-Men sequels. That leaves just a few options for kill-ready characters.


Although his appearance in Days of Future Past was basically a cameo, he had a much larger part in First Class, where we learned the basics of his energy manipulation powers.

Comic fans also know that Havok has a close relationship with another one of the mutants in the movie. He an Cyclops were actually brothers that were separated at a young age. So the simple fact that he and Cyclops will finally be together on the same screen for the first time could carry some major weight. If he were to die in the movie, that could potentially send Cyclops into a rage-fueled fury that could lead to Apocalypse's destruction.


Beast appeared in the third X-Men film, played by Kelsey Grammar, but he had a much larger role starting in First Class, where he was played by Nicholas Hoult. Now he has had a much larger role, and a bit of a romantic relationship with Mystique, but sadly enough I'm afraid that Beast isn't really integral enough to the group to secure his character.


We did see a bit of Angel in The Last Stand, but it looks like this Angel is on a whole new level. However, I'm not so sure that he's around to stay. After all, as we see in the trailer, Angel is on Apocalypse's team, along with Psylocke, Storm, and Magneto. I'm sure that Magneto and Storm are safe, and Psylocke is too new and interesting to get rid of this early. That leaves Angel as the only Apocalypse disciple with a target on his back.

I hate to say it, but his powers aren't that impressive either compared to the other mutants we're getting used to. Nightcrawler is a German ex-circus performer who has a blue tail and can teleport. That's interesting. Magneto can control basically anything made out of metal, giving him the upper hand in almost every situation. Angel can fly. Cool.


Jubilee is a brand new character being brought into the spotlight, but unfortunately that doesn't automatically guarantee her safety. The Marvel wiki describes her powers as the ability "to generate blinding and explosive energy 'fireworks.'"

Sure, that may sound interesting, but against an ultra-powerful mutant like Apocalypse, I'm not sure she is going to be very integral to the fight. Especially when characters like Havok and Cyclops already have the whole energy blast thing taken care of. I'm afraid Jubilee might end up being a one-time hero, similar to Blink in Days of Future Past.


In the first three X-Men movies, Wolverine was the main focus. The second movie alone really went into detail about his backstory, and The Last Stand took him to his limits. While he was still a major part of [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942), the focus of the most recent X-Men trilogy has been centered around Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique.

With Apocalypse being the end of the trilogy that was started with First Class, it could be that Mystique will meet her end as well. Technically her story has already been told. We learned about her childhood with Charles, about her alignment with Magneto, and even about her quest to kill the President of the United States. We have already focused on her a lot, so killing her character wouldn't cut off too much potential.

As much as it would pain me to see any of these characters die, it could be just what we need to finish up X-Men: Apocalypse. With a villain so powerful, it would just be unreal for all of the heroes to survive. Although we could be surprised, of course. We'll just have to wait until next year to find out.


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