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Ever since I was a kid, I've been the biggest Ant-Man fan and defender.
Ethan Williams

So I just saw this movie last night so here are these are my initial thoughts on the film. Now I was so hyped before seeing this film because the trailers blew me away! Now did this movie live up to my expectations? Let's find out!

Good: Ok first off, the whales. The whales in this movie were incredible, they looked so real and it really affected me when they were getting harpooned. At some parts of the film, I was rooting for the whales! Another amazing thing in this film was the acting. Everyone brought their A-game to this movie and it was great, I especially liked Tom Holland in this movie because seeing his acting level in this movie really gives me hope for when he becomes Spider Man! Not to mention that Thor himself Chris Hemsworth was great too! I also thought that the story was really cool because it's not the story of Moby Dick, but the story that inspired Moby Dick, which is awesome! Some of the best parts of the movie was when Herman Melville was hearing the story!

Bad: Now I felt that before the whales came into the movie, it was a total snorefest! I was so bored before they came into the picture. Another problem I had was that there were some scenes that were meant to be epic but they just weren't, the overall tone of this movie wasn't that epic as I thought it would be, which was disappointing.

Overall, this movie certainly was a disappointment for me but I still liked it! So I'm going to give In the Heart of the Sea a 7/10. I would still recommend it, but just don't expect a masterpiece like I did.


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