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I was excited to binge on marvel’s newest venture into the dark and gritty world established in daredevil so I am eager for your thoughts as well! Let’s start with casting which I cannot think of a single person in this show I would recast even the minor players all have moments where they shine and become part of the story rather then plot devices to fill episodes. Ritter truly had turned me into a fan after the amazing performance as a vulnerable yet badass female hero something we have yet to see in film from either dc or marvel. I think the real point I wish to make here is how underrated Tennant is as an actor we all knew he had the light hearted characters down but to see him go full dark side this show was breath taking and I eagerly awaited him on screen every episode, I truly believe he surpasses the kingpin from daredevil as the most insane yet grounded villain we have yet to see in any superhero film or tv show . even those not into “superhero stuff” or comics can enjoy this twisted take on crime dramas think law and order SVU meets criminal minds then add superpowers lol .. All in all the 13 episode series is a MUST WATCH for anyone looking for a great crime drama to binge on… so tell me what you thought below!


Plot development A-

Character development A+

Plot holes A+

Resolved plot A-

Special effects B-

Performances A+

P.S. For those who didn’t know the meth head neighbor in the show was a red power ranger on the same season as the woman who plays the lead on izombie (yellow ranger)


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