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Arrow and The Flash might get some new spin offs. Young Justice League with Mr. terrific, Speedy, Black Canary, Jay Garrick & Caitlin might be on that Spin Off. Also Aqualad is rumored to be in the Show. Suicide Squad spin off might happen in Season 5 of Arrow and season of The Flash. Arrow's Constantine and Slade Wilson to join Legends of Tomorrow season 2. Slade Wilson might be redeemed. But wait Roy Harper will be a main on The Flash season 3? Firestorm to comeback. Robbie Amell in season 2 and the main for season 3? With who will he bond? Arrow might introduce The Joker as season 5 his villain. Jason Todd to become a part of the team in Arrow?

Shannara Chronicles actors want a 20 episode season 2! (Manu bennett and Austin Butler)

Tom Holland gives us teases for the next Spider-Man movie(s).

Wait till 8/9Pm. It all will be revealed on here. With one more special Interview!


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