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The Empire is dead.

Peace has been restored to the galaxy, wedding bells chime as the two heroes of the rebellion join in love and start their new future together. Han Solo takes his beloved Leia Organa Skywalker as his Wife, and her choice to train as a Jedi is no! Children shall soon follow the married couple.

For the Jedi not all is happy and anxiety fills the last of his kind, Luke Skywalker must search the Galaxy for those who have the gift!

The new republic senate grants the Jedi with resources to begin his search.

Years later Luke has an academy for the training of Jedi, many young padawans and few of Luke's teachers exist to build their ranks.

Failing to see the Sith still exist, and a remnant of the empire strikes the temple and many Jedi and padawans fall! Master Skywalker engaging in combat fails to see the enemies take some children away in the conflagration to later be trained as inquisitors of the first order.

In the aftermath a funeral pyre burns an a devastated Luke joined by his faithful droid R2D2 watch and morn.

The galactic senate conviegns and charges that Luke's academy was a mistake (Already a dark hand is at work here)

Banished and broken Luke is discharged and sent far away from the Republic and new laws enacted stated the Jedi are a magnet for trouble and the best course of action is to forget everything about the force and Jedi alike! The young Jedi master is even vilified in time by some because of the tragedy and he was not strong enough to prevent it or foresee it.

Taking the lesson of Master Yoda, Luke leaves this behind and the other survivor of the attack young padawan Rey Solo. (Her brother thought killed during the raid)

With a plan set in motion to protect Rey till she is older, her parents and Luke contact an old friend (Lor San Tekka) to watch over her on the planet of Jakku.

Luke heads off to unknown location, someplace strong with the dark side aura to hide his presence- for a new hope to rise!


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