ByEric Derden, writer at
Eric Derden

I am definitely excited for X-men Apocalypse. Two things have me unnerved though. 1 Where is Wolverine? This is Apocalypse they need every X-men they can get. Also how can they have Jubilee and not Wolverine everybody knows those two are practically the Batman and Robin of Marvel. Two why is Mystique leading the X-men? I mean it is a little strange that one of the deadliest X-men villains is in charge and it is not Magneto. However it could be how they introduce Wolverine. At the end of Days of Future Past Wolverine was being rescued by Stryker who later turned out to be Mystique. With Xavier gone Mystique can rally the X-men and bring in Wolverine where she had kept him hidden. Another reason could be Apocalypse has him as a back up weapon should his horsemen fail. With Mystique saving him from the military altering the timeline Stryker may not have had the chance to experiment with him. In the comics Wolverine had his adamantium ripped out of him and was later returned by Apocalypse. Regardless it would be upsetting if Wolverine was not in it or just had a cameo. The fact that Wolverine is not leading the X-men is fine since three out five movies (X-men 2&3) have been more Wolverine and the X-men rather than just the X-men. It will be interesting to see Mystique taking the roll of a hero rather than being self serving as Magneto would have been.


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