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With less than one week remaining until the release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, it’s time to stir the pot and bring the Star Wars dweebs crashing back to reality. Unlike countless millions, I’m not overly anxious about the new film. It appears to be an attempt to justify a franchise against activist claims levied against it a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

The original STAR WARS trilogy, episodes 4, 5 and 6, were simply fantastic; excellence in movie-making. I could easily watch any of them, any time. Episodes 1,2 and 3 I wouldn’t watch again unless I was pulled dragging and screaming to the theatre. While Steven Spielberg and George Lucas began with an impressive 3-0 outing, they are now 3-3; a mediocre franchise record with nothing coming close to the amazing celluloid genius of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Most sports teams with a .500 record can’t even make the playoffs. Most other movie franchises can claim a better track record. So, why is the gravitational pull on the Earth’s axis dependent on the release of this film?

I try, as a habit, not to learn too much about a movie before I see it. I don’t want anything to prejudice me; I’d rather just sit enjoy the movie and write my review from a fresh perspective. With STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, this is impossible. The movie is, literally, everywhere. So it may be time for a little history lesson. It’s not Spielberg’s nor Lucas’ fault this franchise dropped from the epitome of film excellence to big budget humdrum space adventures. Most of the mediocrity emerged from the studio, Twentieth Century Fox. Time for enlightenment, especially for those who believe the world began in the 1990’s.


After the success of the first trilogy, everyone was eager to continue the Star Wars saga. There were, however, two major problems. One of them was technical. Lucas wanted a new camera that could shoot at a film rate but function like a video camera. This is a technical intrigue best left for my TV/Film classes. It is fascinating in its own right, but tends to bore those not desirous of being behind a camera.

The second problem was the script. Lucas wanted to continue the saga with his original script of episodes 7, 8 and 9. In those scripts, Luke Skywalker, like his father before him, succumbs to the powers of the dark side and takes control of the Empire in a manner more savage than Darth Vader could ever dream.

The studio did not want this script in play. Luke had become a heroic icon, especially to little kids. Allowing him to slip into the dark side, while very entertaining to adults, would take the franchise away from its family setting. The original script was something Director Darren Aronofsky could sink his teeth into. It leaked onto the internet, but Fox ensured it was removed and prosecuted severely those who sought to repost, out of a sense of freedom and obligation to the Rebel Alliance.

Now the social media is a buzz with Luke Skywalker as a possible villain in the new film. Why isn’t he in any of the trailers? Why are they saving him for the second plot point? Yeah, been there, done that. Luke (Mark Hamill) was to travel this road three decades ago, so there shouldn’t be any big surprise at all how they use Hamill’s character. I’m sure it won’t be anywhere near as deadly as the original script.

Why has the passage of time enabled Luke to be accepted as a possible villain? Well, that brings us to the second part of Star Wars lost history.


Back in the day, which Dane Cook tells us was a Wednesday, the Star Wars Trilogy came under heavy fire from both black and women’s activist organizations. Unfortunately, it is the penchant for agenda activist groups, especially victim groups, to attack vociferously, anything that is successful. Star Wars was no exception. Cries were lodged far and wide about the male-dominated saga and women demanded equal representation. Remember, this is before the current Woman Warrior Agenda currently crippling Tinseltown.

This complaint even caused a rift between the two filmmakers. Spielberg was entering his liberal-at-any-cost stage, where his main concern was to appease Hollywood powers. Lucas, who owned the scripts, told the studio execs and Spielberg to hit the bricks when faced with inserting a woman warrior. Even revealing it was Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) who was “the other” gifted in the force, wasn’t enough to placate the feminine uproar. As comeuppance to these groups for the headaches caused, Lucas donned Fisher in a revealing bikini at the beginning of RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Not long after the women cried “foul”, the blacks soon joined the chorus. Placing Samuel L. Jackson in a heroic Jedi role didn’t help. Instead, groups complained because he had a purple light sabre, and many were slighted because this was now an affront to blacks and homosexuals. There is just no pleasing some folk.

It comes as no surprise, then, the two protagonists in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS are a young woman and a black male. This satisfies so many of Hollywood’s current agendas it’s nearly nauseating. From the myriad complaints logged, it truly could be no other way. The Woman Warrior Agenda is in full height now in Hollywood, so we have another knock-me-over-with-a-sneeze waif in the lead, rather than a more believable Ronda Rousey or Gina Carano. No laws of physics required, when one is gifted in the force, or placating a current Hollywood meme.

So, while thousands, perhaps millions see this week’s premiere as a monumental event, I see a politically correct space yarn with a possible weakened plot from the original. Doesn’t sound like too much to be excited over. To bolster the credibility of the new paradigm, they’ve dusted off the original stars for one last go. Star Wars is now succumbing to Hollywood’s current stage of political correctness and will forever lose its original brilliance. Remember, under this current movie-making ideology, a character like Han Solo could not exist. After all, he did shoot first.

May the force be with you; and with your spirit, and the spirit and soul of the original saga. This new film sounds more like a sell-out, than the greatest movie event of all time.



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