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WOOO! We are finally here: the best Star Wars movie to date in my humble opinion. I know it may be a sin to think the Empire Strikes Back is inferior to this but it's still like comparing Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, one may be great but the other is even greater! So we're going to look at the best moments and since this is my favorite Star Wars movie, I'm upgrading to ten moments. There were a lot to choose from so let's get started!

10. Reversed I Love You

When it comes to movies, I can always respect filmmakers when they perfectly take dialogue from a previous scene or movie and flip around to make a scene great. Example, the great love scene from Empire gets reversed in Return of the Jedi and I love it.

9. Han and Lando's Chat

Just a really funny and nice scene where Lando is given the Millennium Falcon and Han is nervous about it. I like it a lot mostly due to the great actors playing off each other so well.

8. Yoda's Final Minutes

Let's be honest with each other here, we all either teared up or cried at the death of this little guy. Sure us guys try to hide it but...c'mon, this was an incredibly sad scene but it was very powerful because we get a revelation: there is another Skywalker.

7. Enter the Jedi

Up until this point, Luke Skywalker has been a very likable but also very cocky and gun-ho character but after what happened to him in the Empire Strikes Back we weren't sure of how Luke was going to be when he came back. When the door to Jabba's Palace opened and the hooded figure comes calmly marching through choking out Gammorean guards, you can't help but get a creepy feeling but creepy soon turns to epic when we see that its Luke who has gone from a rash kid to a full Jedi Knight. From his entrance to his confrontation with Jabba, Luke officially had officially become the hero we deserved.

6. Anything with the Emperor

While everybody loves Darth Vader as a great villain, I personally find myself thinking that Emperor Palpatine is the best villain in the franchise mostly due to the fact that the man is evil incarnate, he just revels in the evil he brings to the table. His voice, his presence, his power, he's just a villain that you love to hate.


While blue is my favorite color all around, won't deny that Luke's new green lightsaber is my favorite lightsaber in the entire franchise. I love the design of the hilt, the green blade looks great, and I want one to hang on my wall. No one expected a green lightsaber because the posters only showed a blue blade so after the perfect build up for an action scene, when Luke ignites that lightsaber, I can imagine this new lightsaber blew people's minds. Even now watching it, I can't help but get a little giddy.

4. Anakin Skywalker and Son

One of the reasons I love Return of the Jedi so much is because the last forty five minutes has so many events going on at once and its balanced out so well and in this time we get a very very powerful scene where the dark lord Vader requests Luke to remove the mask so he can see his son with his real eyes. The conversation between father and son before Vader dies is perfectly acted and written and I love it.

3. Darth Vader VS Luke Skywalker

While the fight between these two in Empire was very tense and epic, can't deny that I like the fight in this one a bit more mostly due to the fact that this time we know who Vader is so there is so much more emotion in the fight and it makes it in some ways sad yet epic at the same time. Best part of the fight comes towards the end when Vader taunts Luke about turning Leia to the Dark Side and Luke loses it.

2. The Ending

While the dark and somber ending of Empire was awesome, I'm always a lover for the happy ending and boy did this end on a happy note. No build up for another one, no quick shot of the Emperor, all plot lines were finished, our heroes are celebrating, and its just such a good ending for this trilogy. Cannot wait to see what happens next in the Force Awakens.

1. The Death Star II Battle

Like I've said in the past, I'm a sucker for starfights and I can say by far this final starfight between the Rebel fleet and the Death Star with Lando leading the assault in the Millennium Falcolm is by far the best star fight in film history. It's epic, tense, fast, and so satisfying. The run to the inside of the Death Star makes the trench run from a New Hope look pathetic, that's how cool it is. Lando is one of the best characters just because of this battle right here and I REALLY hope he returns in the new trilogy of movies.

So those are my favorite moments from the Return of the Jedi, did you agree with any of them or do you have your own choices? Let me know in the comments down below!


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