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Hello everybody and welcome to another of my anime reviews. Now for today's review I decided to take a look at a very popular series. One that is apparently so popular that it spawned a live action movie and even a spin off series. And that of course is the highly acclaimed anime series known as "Attack on Titan".

Now when I first dived into this series, I was very unfamiliar with it. I had no idea what the story was about or what happens or anything like that. All I knew was that people loved it, hell they fucking praised this anime series. After doing some research I was just like, holy fucking shit this looks awesome. There's giant monsters that destroy everything, people with jet pack contraptions that fly up and kill them with swords, violence, action, gore, everything that I could possibly ask for. But at the same time I was also a bit skeptical, because the more I thought about it, isn't this kind of like how Michael Bay lured us into his movies? We see scenes in his trailers with giant explosions, action packed fight scenes, and awesome effects. Okay, okay, before you butcher me I just want to let you know that I'm not trying to compare this series to Michael Bay movies. Eventually I sat down and watched it on Netflix and binge watched the entire series. And after finishing my initial reaction was this:

Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah. Don't get me wrong, It was definitely very creative, and beautifully animated. And of course a lot of the action scenes were really well put together. But at the same time there was just an incredible amount of confusing "what the fuck?" moments in this series. But considering both of these points, does this necessarily make Attack on Titan good or bad? Well, let's take a look at the story.


In a sort of apocalyptic future, mankind has been forced to take refuge from a race of giant man eating monsters that they simply call Titans. What are they you ask? Where did they come from? What is their deal with consuming human flesh? What motivations do they have? Why do they never move their faces or ever express any emotions? I have no idea, it's never explained. Okay it kind of is..................................... paaaaaaaaartially, but we'll cover that later. The Titans are far too powerful and big for humans to fight, and they're somehow unable to be killed by simple weaponry and will simply regenerate whenever they take any damage from an attack.

So mankind's only option is to isolate themselves from the evil Titans by living behind giant walls. And before you ask, no I have no idea how they managed to build that wall seeing as how they built it right in the middle of the whole titan territory and a wall that size would've taken a good 10 years to make even if you work nonstop with no food or rest in between. I don't know and at the same time I don't care. Thanks to the protection of the wall, mankind was able to live in peace from Titan assaults for a good 100 years.

But then one fateful day, straight the hell out of nowhere comes a giant Titan that is apparently so big and strong that he's able to destroy the wall. And I have absolutely no idea where he came from or why he waited so long to destroy the wall, but if you still care then you should really stop watching the series at this point because it just gets worse from here.

And as you'd imagine, this allows the Titans to advance on humankind and continue their reign of terror once again. Not that their reign ever really ended seeing as how for some reason they constantly sent out troops to fight them for some inexplicable reason which led to several deaths, but who cares I'm just glad I'm at the point where I can finally see some awesome creature action.

Actually I'm wrong because it still takes a while from here to get into any of the really cool action scenes. So continuing on, the Titans enter the wall and begin feasting on the blood of mankind once again. And one Titan goes so far as to consume a lovely mother and wife. THAT BASTARD, we had a whole 5 minutes to get attached to that character. This series would be nothing without her. Farewell character whose name I don't remember but still feel really attached to seeing as how she's the only reason that our protagonist has to live on and fight for.

Yes you heard right, that lady just so happened to be the mother of our protagonist named Eren Yeager. A young boy who wishes nothing more than to destroy every last Titan in the whole world because one of them killed his mother..........yeah that's the backstory they're going with, dear god is that cliche?
This motivation really doesn't make him any more believable or complex. It just means that his mother is dead and he's gone bloody mad with revenge. How original.

And after rigorous training, Eren attempts to launch an attack on the Titans. But unfortunately he's overpowered and killed when one eats him. Leaving nothing behind but his right arm.

But somehow his body is reincarnated into that of a Titan. How, God I don't know and I'm surprised that I still haven't gotten used to this by now. Anyway, the Titan form of Eren still possesses his intense thirst for bloody revenge on the race that killed his mother. But the downside is that he still possesses the intense and mindless personality of a real Titan.

But even though he's become a mindless killing machine, mankind's army believes that this may be their only chance at defeating the Titans and taking back their lives and not having to live in fear of the monsters anymore.

So now it's war between mankind and the dreaded beasts. And this is mankind's only chance to finally rid themselves of the Titans. You know unless the unexplained way that they somehow popped up on the Earth somehow happens again.

Okay, so first let me explain the BIGGEST problems I had with this series. There is so much that is never explained. Okay, I understand that the show only had about 20 episodes and that I'm sure that they do plan to reboot this series again some time in the future, but even giving that, WHAT THE FUCK IS THE DEAL?????? Where did these Titans come from? Why do they have such a fetish to kill only humans and don't care about any other animals? How can they not be hurt? How is it that they're somehow able to mutate and evolve in ways that allows them to overtake humanity? Okay to be fair, some of these are touched upon slightly.

For example, we later in the series learn that one of the Titans was really a human that was controlling a Titan body, just like Eren. And they also assume that the giant Titans that randomly appear and destroy the wall that protects humanity are also humans in disguise. BUT THE HOW THE HELL CAN THEY DO THAT!!!!????? And if this is the case, then why do they want to destroy their own race? Are they just fed up with humanity's ignorance and figured that they were fucked so they might as well take them out? And if they're humans in disguise, then what's up with the other Titans? Are they all humans in disguise too? And if that is the case, then how is it possible that they can somehow transform? And why do they want humanity dead?

And then there's the Titan's regeneration. Now apparently it IS possible to kill a Titan before it can regenerate itself. If one where to strike one single spot on it's neck and cut it deep enough, then the blow would prove lethal to a Titan. So, why is it that THAT is the only way a Titan can die? Do they just have sensitive necks? They even mention in the show that you could blow off their damn head and they'd still be okay. HOW? I MEAN THINK ABOUT IT? Even if you could grow back an arm or leg or anything else that gets cut off, THERE IS NO WAY YOU COULD STILL LIVE WITHOUT A HEAD!!!!!! Any living being would need a brain in order to function at the capacity that the Titans do and be able to move their body and be able to eat something, if they're head is removed then their brain would be separated from their body. So their body wouldn't be able to function. Are we expected to believe that the Titans just don't think? And even if they don't, then how is it possible for them to know how to destroy a wall or eat something?

But even that is contradicted later on in the series. When Eren becomes a Titan, he's somehow able to kill other Titans simply by beating them up and punching them. HOW? THEY SPECIFICALLY STATED THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL A TITAN UNLESS YOU SLICE ONE SPECIFIC NERVE IN THEIR NECK!!!!!!!! THIS SHOW IS LITERALLY PLOT HOLING ITS OWN PLOT HOLES!!!!!!!!

Okay now I've got the ranting out of the way. Now are those the only problems with the series? Well regrettably, no it doesn't end there.

For starters it isn't nearly as action packed as I expected it would have been. Most of the show just deals with a lot of talking and discussing a bunch of the shit that the army is facing. They constantly shoving the plot points that we already understand down our throats. "WE'RE BEING ATTACKED BY TITANS, WE'RE BEING ATTACKED BY TITANS" "WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING, WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING" WE GET IT, HUMANITY IS FUCKED!!!!!!

Now don't get me wrong, there's definitely action in the series, but it's not as thrilling or as exciting as you'd hope it would be. And again, there's much more talky scenes that get much more attention than the action scenes. And like I said, it's just reestablishing plot points that we already know. And throughout the whole series, I didn't care what was going to happen to the characters or who the bad guy really was or how they were going to get out of the mess. Because quite frankly, I already knew how it would turn out. It's just really by the numbers and predictable. All I wanted was to see some giant monsters fight, and the show delivered less than that than I had hoped for.

Okay, I shit on it enough now. And you're probably saying stuff right now like "YOU'RE A DICK" "FUCK YOU" "YOU'RE A TROLL THAT ISN'T SATISFIED" But let me get one thing clear, I didn't hate this series. So what was there that I did like about it?

Well the story itself is very creative and thoughtful, even if a bunch of it is never explained properly. And like I said before, I guess it is just because the series was too short and that they do need to make more episodes of it. But I found that I was engaged in a lot of the ideas that it had and I was curious to see where the show would go with them.

And the animation style (as with most animes) is very impressive. The designs and animation on the Titans is very nice to look at. For example, the giant Titan has absolutely no skin on it. And looking at something as hideous as a giant monster with no skin really sends chills down my spine. Confronting something like that of normal size would probably make me shit myself.

They all look threatening and are a very unnerving presence to have on screen. Whenever I saw them, I was entertained and wanted to see more Titan fights.

And when there is action, it is very entertaining. The special kind of weaponized jet packs and swords that the humans use to fight the Titans is very creative and FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!! And the action sequences are very fun to watch, and are full of gorgeous animation and tons of disturbing imagery with a lot of swift pacing.

So in the end I think that Attack on Titan is overall, decent. I admire the action, the creative ideas, and beautiful animation style. But the confusing plot and incredible amount of plot holes is just too overwhelming for me. Before I piss you all off I want to reassure you again that I understand that it might've been too hard for the series to cover all of the complexity of its plot seeing as how the series only had about 20 episodes. But I still have absolutely no idea as to how any of this stuff is happening, why it is, or what occurs as a result. Unless they DO plan on rebooting the series, the show really didn't cover enough for me to catch up on. But hey, lots of people seem to love it so what the hell? I'm not going to tell you all what to like and what not to like. And I'm sure I might just be missing something about this series, but all in all I just can't get into it.

Score: 5/10 (Average)


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