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The day we have all been waiting for is almost here....the opening of Star Wars: Episode 7: The Force Awakens! Whether you are currently creating a game plan on how to get the best seats or maybe you are currently camping outside your local movie theater, here are 5 things any Star Wars fan can do to get ready for the big event:

1. Marathon Watch Previous Movies

What better way to jog your memory on what went down in the previous movies than to watch them all? As if we really need an excuse to watch them again, right? There is always debate on which order to watch, maybe you go by release order or chronological order. If you don't have time to watch all 6, at least watch A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi considering the timeline of Force Awakens.

2. Get to Know New Characters

Plot details have come few and far between but we have been given some details on new characters being introduced. Brief descriptions below:

L to R: Poe, Rey, Finn (
L to R: Poe, Rey, Finn (
  • Rey (Daisy Ridley)- scavenger on the planet Jakku
  • Finn (John Boyega)- first order Stroomtrooper but defected to join the Resistance
  • Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac)- Resistance x-wing fighter pilot and member of the Black Squadron
  • BB-8 - droid that belonged to Poe
  • Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)- member of the Knights of Ren, commander of the First Order
  • Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis)- Kylo Ren's master
  • Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie)- officer of the First Order
  • Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong'o)- pirate that owns the castle that hosts travelers and smugglers
  • General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) - leader of the primary First Order base, Starkiller Base

As I am sure many of you know that some favorites will be returning such as Han Solo, Leia, Chewie, C-3P0, R2-D2, and Luke although he has been missing in the trailers.

3. Ignore Episode 7 Spoilers and Crazy Fan Theories

Kylo Ren (
Kylo Ren (

With all the secrecy surrounding the plot, many have taken that as an opportunity to create their own theories. I fully support fan theories but not when special insiders spoil facts about the movie or leak photos from the set. There has also been a lot of speculation about new characters being related to previous characters but can't we just wait for the movie? Everyone wants to break the latest news or spoil every detail so try to ignore it if possible so you can form your own theories and opinions!

4. Grab Some New Goods


Walk into any store and you will find Star Wars related EVERYTHING. Food, clothing, toys, make-up, you name it, they have it. Their marketing must be so easy because who wouldn't want to do run campaigns with the biggest movie franchise of all time. I'm impressed with how much they expanded their demographic with commercials now focusing on girls and women because we love Star Wars too! It is no secret the remote control BB-8 is on the top of my Christmas list! There really is no excuse this year for not being able to stock up on new merchandise. The craze amped back up on Force Friday and is hasn't slowed down since so just give in and splurge a little....

5. Decorate Star Wars Style

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens comes out just in time for Christmas so why not make that a reason to decorate with a different theme this year!

Look, I put Santa Yoda on my roof!
Look, I put Santa Yoda on my roof!

Credit: Star Wars, Star Wars wikia

What are you most excited to see in Star Wars Episode 7? Comment below and BB-8 and I will see you at the theater this week!


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