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Vampire, ware wolfs , zombies and witches "unless there is something new .

One thing I have noticed about books. It's never going to end with a sequal. I also. Forgot to put "wizard" unless that's the same thing as a witch..

Any whom I'll begin! the myth of them all .. Honestly my least favroiate is vampires . See oranginly, the vampires in the later days well were considerd now , discouraging discousting gross , I don't even know of their worse then zombies ! Well the word I'm looking to put in with gross well


im not sure if their is any in the world but across where they can't find food hopefully NOT .

-- wait wait ..

I forgot mermaids !

Though back to vampires !-_- see back in the area where they didn't have Calvin cline 'to make us pants to wear well .Uh their was violent not needed diets. Deaths that were really gross meaning of we'll the " holy bible ". says a lot that was done in the bc's century's and the myth 'vampire well came from people that ate living people as a diet . And even if their would be a vampire I personally would be scared .

I hope hope everyone is having a good December


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