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With Christmas only a few days away you might be in panic mode if you haven't finished your shopping yet. Thanks to the Internet and various shipping options, you still have the opportunity to get your gifts in time for the big day. If you have any Walking Dead fans on your list, you might want to check out these awesome items from Entertainment Earth. Or maybe you are looking for something to buy with a little cash or gift cards from Grandma, either way check them out:

Walking Dead Crossbow Table Lamp

What fan of the show wouldn't want a lamp made from a replica of Daryl's crossbow. Bonus - he is on the lampshade! You can use this when you're too afraid to watch the show in the dark. Order here for $79.99!

The Walking Dead Pudding Can Lunch Tote

Remember that iconic scene from Season 4 with Carl eating out of that giant can of pudding on the roof? Well now you can do the same with this replica pudding can design and if you are tired of pudding, you can fill the lunch tote with any food you want! Order here for $19.99!

The Walking Dead Skull Flask

You know since the show might drive you to drink, this flask might come in handy, order here for $14.99!

The Walking Dead Coffee Mugs

Start your morning off right with these one of a kind mugs. Featuring fan favorite Daryl Dixon with the crossbow mug handle or this super creepy zombie hand handle ceramic mug!

The Walking Dead Character Bags

First up, Sheriff Rick Grimes's backpack, "custom made from faux leather and canvas, with a heavy-wash treatment for a worn look, and complete with padded pocket that fits up to a 12-inch tablet." Sounds like you can keep a lot of emergency zombie apocalypse supplies in there. The backpack comes in Black or Desert Brown, both feature King County sheriff badges!

If you're a fan of Michonne (like who isn't...), then get your hands on this sling bag inspired by her character's style. Perfect for someone who wishes they can carry a katana around but wants be be more practical!

If you need a bag for work, school, traveling, comic con, whatever, Daryl Dixon messenger bags are perfect! Made from canvas, the bag includes a lot of pockets to hold everything you need plus they're fashionable. They come in a design inspired by Daryl's iconic poncho and the wings from his jacket!

Walker Apron

If you are looking for someone who is a fan of the kitchen, how about this walker apron! Order here for $19.99 but don't let it ruin your appetite...

RV Walker Cookie Jar

Remember the walker that tried to attack Andrea in the RV during Season 2 and she survived by stabbing it in the eye with a screwdriver? Now you can keep your cookies in a ceramic cookie jar of the walker's head! This is easily my favorite item on the list!

Walking Dead Nutcracker

Since it is the holidays, it's only right to include a nutcracker of one of Michonne's walker pets she used as a way to disguise herself around other walkers. 'Tis the season!

I made sure to include a wide array of options here. Some of these items are coming on sale within the next few months or are super popular, so if they are "temporarily out of stock" you can still order and you will receive your item when the next stock comes in! If you are worried the gift won't come in time, just tell the person it will be worth the wait. I mean we're Walking Dead fans, we are used to waiting... (hint, hint, Glenn, hint.)

'The Walking Dead' returns to AMC February 14, 2016

Happy Holidays!


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