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If you are a huge fan of The Walking Dead, you may find yourself buying merchandise related to the hit series from time to time. Well, if you are having trouble adding to your collection, you should start looking for someone else... your pet! Entertainment Earth features a variety of The Walking Dead inspired pet toys and accessories that you should not wait to get your hands on!

1. Daryl's Squirrels on a Rope Chew Toy

If your dog loves to chase squirrels, they will love this toy inspired by Daryl Dixon's squirrels on a rope! The three plush squirrels are unstuffed but feature squeakers and crinkle in the tail which will keep your dog occupied for hours. Available online now on Entertainment Earth's website.

2. Severed Walker Arm Tug Toy

Coming out this month is another unique dog toy, a must have for all TWD fans. The severed walker arm has a realistic look but would be perfect for tug-of-war or playing fetch. Or freaking out your friends and neighbors by letting your dog run around carrying what looks like an actual arm. Now available to pre-order for a March delivery.

3. Collars

Prepare your dog for a possible zombie apocalypse with these awesome collars. The first features the infamous tagline from the show, "fight the dead, fear the living." The second collar is inspired by Daryl's body-burying banana look. The sewn on bandana will hang around your dog's neck and make them look like a badass just like Daryl. The collars are very sturdy and come in four different sizes. They also include a dog tag with a writable surface. The first one costs $9.99 and the Daryl one will set you back $14.99.

4. Leashes

If it is still safe to go outside, you will also need these leashes to go with the collars so you can through for a stroll with your pet. The first matches the "fight the dead, fear the living" theme and the second goes with the Daryl Dixon look. Both five feet long and blood splattered!

5. Well-Walker Plush Stretch and Chew Toy

Do you remember that disgusting walker that was stuck in the well and ripped in half when the group tried to lift him out? Well now your pooch can play tug of war with his plush body and he stretches and pulls his insides out. But keep him away from anyone named Glenn... Get yours today!

6. T-Shirts

All fans are obviously familiar with Daryl's iconic winged jacket and now you can dress your dog in the same stylish look. If you enjoy cosplay or have a reason to bring your dog to the nearest zombie convention, this is perfect for your furry sidekick. The shirt comes in four different sizes and will no doubt make your dog the coolest on the block.

7. Governor Plush Chew Toy

We all wish we could tear up the Governor but now we can let our dogs do the dirty work. Throw your dog this plush doll and let them go to town tearing one of the most hated characters to pieces! Don't miss out!

Source: Entertainment Earth

Image Source: Entertainment Earth, Entertainment Weekly


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