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Mark Hamill hints at a "Mind Blowing" plot twist in The Force Awakens... LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

"It's crazy. This NDA stuff - non-disclosure agreement. Where you're not allowed to talk about stuff. I have something coming out, where there's an amount of money where if it leaks because of me, I don't get that payment. If I keep it a secret until the day it comes out, I get that payment."

We all know he's talking about The Force Awakens. Hamill goes on to say that he's good at keeping secrets. He goes on to use the example of how he was able to keep Darth Vader being Luke's father a secret from his wife and co-star Harrison Ford.

"The original line in the script was, 'You don't know the truth, Obi Wan killed your father. And [Irvin Kershner] said we're going to take that line out and replace it with, "I am your father."...It was a mind-boggling plot twist...Now it's happening all over again. I'm not even authorized to tell you that I'm in Episode VII."

So history is repeating itself? There was a mind-boggling plot twist in The Empire Strikes Back, and now there's going to be one in The Force Awakens. What could it be!? Let us know what you think it is...


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