ByJack Bracknell, writer at

Spoilers for Arrow's midseason finale (although the title is a huge spoiler, sorry).

Arrow's midseason finale aired this Wednesday and let's just say it was awesome. Oliver gave a picture and Damien Darhk's name to the media and Darhk didn't take that too kindly. He kidnapped Felicity, Thea, and Diggle and used his gas chamber to try to kill them. Oliver turned himself over to Darhk so Malcom Merlyn (dressed as green arrow) and Laurel had to save them. They escaped and Oliver proposed to Felicity. They drove off in a limo which was assaulted by Darhk's men. The show ended with Oliver holding Felicity in his arms as she is bleeding. The promo for the next episode entitled Blood Debts makes it seem like Felicity is dead with her being rushed into a hospital and then Oliver standing at the grave. Now they really want you to think she is dead but I don't think so. The first reason why she isn't dead is at the beggining of the season the grave seen was about 6 months in the future and currently we are only 3 months into the show so the person in the grave can't be her. Also the show recently cast Felicity's father for the show although he could come because she is dead. So if it isn't Felicity who is it? I think is Laurel because in this last episode Captain Lance said "I dont know what i would do if anything happened to you, actually I do and it would be ugly." This is foreshadowing something bad happening to her.


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