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Everybody has experienced a stalker in their life at some point. Whether it's that creepy guy who always follows you around at school, or that one girl who is always everywhere you seem to be. Either way they are usually quite the problem and make people uncomfortable. This kind of stalker is not quite that type and is absolutely adorable. This stalker follows "OK Go" around the entire time during their music video "End Love."

The stalker's name is Maria(Or Mario) and strangely enough is a goose.

I know. I know. Maria has that cute look.
I know. I know. Maria has that cute look.

Maria the goose is featured in the a documentary "Animal Odd Couples." Where he becomes best friends with an older gentleman. The entire time Maria likes to get in front the camera and gets jealous whenever the camera is not on him. The is starting point of Maria's "Stalking."

Maria became pretty internet famous after "OK Go" made "End Love" because he is in over half the scenes. Not only that but Maria makes sure to stay in and follow all the band members in their stop motion glory. Near the end of the music video he just sits down and poses for the camera(which even the film crew acknowledged Maria) The worst thing is the fact that there could be more geese like this out there.

Maria first shows up around 1:48 and persists through the entire video. (Yes the music video is "different" but if you don't know "OK Go" then you probably have never heard great music.) Whats great about the band members is that they put Maria into the bloopers reel as well. They tried their damned best to ignore him but they couldn't and they thought Maria was hilarious.

Lock your doors and watch your booties because Maria and other geese are out there ready to follow you with their cutene-..I mean creepiness. In all honesty this article is pretty short but it was quite a funny story I had to share! Watch the short film about Maria and his best friend! It's honesty ridiculously cute and awesome!

In conclusion, not all geese are stalkers, and honestly Maria isn't one either. He is just one friendly camera whoring goose who likes to have a good time. Think of someone like Ben Stiller with "Zoolander" or "Dodgeball" just as a goose instead.

Are you not entertained?

There was a DC, Comic book, tag for a reason ;)
There was a DC, Comic book, tag for a reason ;)




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