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I'm just some boy who loves video games and discussing stuff about them! I am also a big fan of superheroes, movies, and much more! So yeah,

I am a huge fan of Deadpool so whenever I talk about him, ITS SERIOUS TALK! So for this "Serious Talk" I'm gonna talk about the movie! So in the three trailers we have gotten(4 if you count the test footage of the car scene), we've seen him kick a$$! But, we haven't really seen any MAIN villain in them. In the teaser, it just shows him talking about his role in the X-Men movie and make fun of it(Classic 4th wall breaking) so of course NO VILLIAN to be seen there. The green band trailer just show a bunch of action where he kills a lot of people but NO MAIN VILLAIN! The red band trailer is just the same but more blood and gore and inipropriate scenes but still NO VILLAIN! And if you do count the test footage it's just him taking down a car and showing him kill some guy on a motorcycle, still, NO VILLAIN! Will the movie just be him being [email protected]$$ the whole time or is there some villain we are gonna be surprised with? Beats me who it would be in that case! The only characters I can think of are Sinister, and/or X-Men characters hiring a gang to try and get back at Deadpool from the other movie! Anyway, tell me what you think in the comments and that's all folks!


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