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The TARDIS stopped and we got out.

"It's a space ship. Brilliant! I got a spaceship on my first go!" Mickey said happily. I smiled.

"It looks kind of abandoned. Anything on board?"

"Nah, nothing here."

"Well, nothing dangerous." I added.

"Well, not that dangerous." The doctor and I looked at each other.

"Well we better just have a quick scan." We said in unison. We walked over to the controls and started pressing buttons and flipping switches.

"So, what's the date? How far have we gone?" Rose asked.

"About...three thousand years into your future. Right?"

"Yeah, give or take." I turned a switch and the lights came on, and a ceiling panel opened.

"Oh! The Dagmar Cluster! Your quite always from home Mickey."

"Two and a half galaxies to be exact." The Doctor threw in.

"Your such a show off." I said, bumping his hip with mine. Rose and Mickey looked at the window and I smiled. I loved showing people things they'd never seen before. Although, I didn't get to do that...until now.

"Your glad to be back then?" The Doctor asked. I turned to him.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Yes, and in case your forgetting, I do have the ability to read your mind."

"Still?" I asked.

"Of course." He moved my hair out of my face. I looked over to the computer.

"All of the warp engines are going." I said.

"What?" He looked over at the ship layout on the screen. "Full capacity? There's enough power running through this ship to punch a hole in the universe."

"But we're not moving. So where's all that power going?"

"Where'd all the crew go?"

"I'm not getting any life readings." I stated.

"Well, we're in deep space. They didn't just nip out for a quick smoke."

"No, I checked all the smoking pods."

"Can you smell that?" The Doctor asked.

"Yeah, some one's cooking." Replied Rose.

"Sunday Roast, definitely." Mickey threw in. A door opened, and inside, lied a fireplace.

"Well that's new."

"Eighteenth century."

"French. Nice Mantel." We concluded at the same time. We walked over to the fireplace and started looking at it.

"Not a hologram. Not even a reproduction, this is an Eighteenth century french fire place. Double sided. There's another room through there."

"It can't be, that's the outer hull of the ship. Look." Rose said. I crouched down to see a little girl.

"Hello." I said. The doctor crouched down next to me, putting his hand on my back.

"Hello."The girl replied.

"What's your name?"


"Reinette, that's a lovely name." The Doctor told her. "Can you tell me where you are at the moment, Reinette?"

"My bedroom." I smiled.

"Where do you live, Reinette?" I asked.

"Paris, of course."

"Paris right."

"Pardon me, but, what are you doing in my fireplace?"

"Oh It's just a routine..." He trailed off.

"Fire check. Can you tell us what year it is?"

"Of course I can. 1727."

"Yes! I love that one." I told the doctor. He laughed.

"August is rubbish. Stay indoors. Ok, that's all for now. Thanks for your help. Hope you enjoy the rest of the fire. Night-Night."

"Good night." We stood up.

"You said this was the Fifty First century." Mickey said.

"We also said this ship was generating enough power to punch a hole in the universe. I think we just found it."

"Is it a...Spatiotemporal hyperlink?" I asked.

"Quite possibly.

"What is that?"

"I made it up. It sounded cooler then Magic door."

"And on the other side of the magic door is France in 1727?" Rose asked.

"Well, She was speaking french. Right period french too."

"She was speaking English, I heard her!" Replied Mickey.

"That's the TARDIS, translates for you."

"Even French?"

"Yep." The Doctor kneed the fireplace, causing it to spin with the two of us on it. I looked over at Reinette, who was now asleep. I walked over to the window and looked out at snow covered Paris France.

"It's beautiful." I whispered. We turned to see Reinette burst awake.

"It's ok! Don't scream. It's us, Fire place people, look." He lit the candle beside her bed with the sonic.

"We were in the fireplace just a moment ago."

"That was weeks ago. That was months."

"Loose connection." I said to no one in particular.

"Who are you? And what are you doing here?" I looked at the broken clock and listened to the steady ticking.

"Now that's scary."

"Your scared of a broken clock?"

"Just a bit scared. Just a little tiny bit, because if this clock is broken, and it's the only clock in the room, then what's that? Because you see, that's not a clock. You can tell by the resonance. Too big. Six feet I'd say. Size of a man."

"What is it?" She asked.

"Reinette, keep in the middle of the bed." I warned. I reached into the Doctor's pocket and grabbed the sonic, looking under the bed and scanning. Something popped out, hitting me in the face. "Ow!" The Doctor put his hands on the side of Reinette's face. A man was standing there, in a french suit and full face mask.

"You've been scanning her brain. What you crossed two galaxies and thousands of years just to scan a child's brain? What could there be in a little girl's mind worth blowing a hole in the universe?"

"I don't understand. It wants me?" The girl turned to the man."You want me?" It's head tilted to the side.

"Not yet. You are incomplete."

"What do you mean incomplete?" I asked, standing. The Thing walked over to me, grabbing me and holding a blade to my throat.

"Don't you dare!" he yelled. I felt it dig into my neck. Blood dripped down onto my shirt. The Doctor ran forward and freed me, throwing the man into the fireplace and hitting it. We flipped over and he grabbed a fire extinguisher, spraying it. It froze and he ran over to me, taking my face in his hands and tilting my chin up. He closed his eyes.

"Doctor, no. We haven't tried that in ages!" I warned. He ignored me, and slowly, but surely, the cut faded to a scar.

"How did you do that?" Mickey asked.

"Well, when Time Lords... fall in love they are granted two...abilities with the other. Healing, and mind reading." The Doctor explained. I just didn't look at him. I walked over and took the mask and wig off of the man.

"Oh! Aren't you beautiful!" I exclaimed. The clock work man started moving and teleported.

"He Didn't go far, probably still on board. Don't go looking for it." We got back on the fire place and he kneed it yet again.


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