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"Katherine, go back." He warned.

"Not happening."

"Katherine, please. That thing almost killed you. and I don't want to take any chances."

"But I'm alive, so there's no point."

"Why are you so difficult?!" He asked, frustrated.

"I learned from the best." He rolled his eyes, causing me to smile. We heard someone clear thier throat. We turned to see a woman.

"Oh, hello. We were just looking for Reinette. T-this is still her room isn't it?"

"We've been away, and aren't quite sure how long."I added.

"Reinette, we're ready to go!" A voice called.

"Go to the carriage mother, I will join you there!" The woman called."It is customary to have an imaginary friend only in ones childhood. You two are to be congratulated on your persistence."

"Reinette, well, goodness how you've grown." The Doctor said, looking her up and down. I chocked back the twinge of jealousy and smiled.

"And the two of you don't appear to have aged a single day. My goodness, you look so familiar!" She told me. She walked over to us. "That is tremendously impolite of you." She stopped in front of The Doctor.


"Listen, it's great to catch up with you, but we need to go. Wouldn't want your mother finding you up here with two strange people." I cut in.

"The two of you aren't strange. I've known you since I was seven."

"Mademoiselle, your mother grows impatient."

"A moment! So many questions and so little time." i gasped as she kissed him. I wanted to leave but they blocked the fireplace. I don't have a right to be jealous, but I am. She was called again and then left. The Doctor looked at me. I shook my head.


"No, Doctor. I have no right-" He stopped me, by stepping in front of me. He reached up, tucking a strand of my hair behind me ear.

"Why do you think that I love you less now then I did Twenty years ago?" He whispered.

"Well, It has been twenty years. Everyone has to move on sometime." I looked away from him. He tilted my chin up, forcing me to look at him again.

"Maybe, but I haven't." He leaned down to kiss me. Just as his lips barley brushed mine, a man came in.

"Who are you?" We pulled back and walked to the fireplace.

"Later." He whispered to me.

"The Doctor and Katherine." I said plainly, kicking it so it turned around.

"Rose? Mickey, Every time! It's ever time. Rule number one: Don't wander off."

"They're human, Doctor. They're curious." I said.

"You understand this how?" He asked.

"I did live amongst them for Twenty years."

"Fair point, but they should know by now!" We stopped in front of a horse. We just walked away, the Doctor grabbing my hand. The Horse started following us.

"Rose!" I called.

"Could you stop following us? She's not your mother!" We walked through some doors into a garden of sorts. Reinette was talking to another woman. But, that's when something happened. I remembered. I had been here before. I gasped and ducked behind a pot. "What?"


"Oh, Katherine you are too wicked." Reinette laughed.

"Wait a minute, that's-" I grabbed his arm and pulled him down. "You didn't think to mention you were her best friend?!"

"I forgot! This is a portion of my life I don't like to think about." I hissed.

" it..."

"Yeah, it is." I told him. He touched my arm, but I just shook my head.


We went back to the ship to find Rose and Mickey, standing in front of a mirror/window.

"This guy, who does he think he is?" Mickey asked.

"The King of France." We said together.

"Oh, here's trouble. What have you two been doing?"

"Oh, this and that." Rose winked at me and I rolled my eyes. We didn't know each other very well, but I intend to change that. "Became the imaginary friends of a future French Aristocrat, Picked a fight with a clock work man,"

"Oh, and we met a horse." I threw in.

"What's a horse doing on a spaceship?"

"Mickey, what's pre revolution France doing on a space ship? Get some prospective. See these, their all over the place. On every Deck. Gateways to History." Reinette came in, bowing to the king. "But not just any old history. Hers."

"Time windows, purposely arranged to follow the life of one specific woman. A Space ship from the fifty first century, stalking a woman from the eighteenth. Why?"

"Who is she?" Rose asked.

"Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson." That's when we saw the clock work woman, and we pushed through the mirror.

"Hello Reinette, hasn't time flown." The Doctor said, Fire extinguisher in hand. I had the other.

"Fireplace man...Katherine! That's who you look like." We shot the woman, freezing her.

"That's my name." I said. She looked shocked.

"Who are you? Identify yourself? Order it to answer us."

"Why should it listen to me?' She asked.

"I don't know, it did when you were a child. Let's see if you've still got it."

"Answer his question. Answer every and all questions put to you." She demanded.

"I am repair droid seven."

"What happed to the ship?" I asked. "The damage was colossal."

"Ion Storm. Eighty two percent system failure."

"That ship hasn't moved in over a year. What's taking you so long?" The Doctor asked the droid.

"We did not have the parts."

"What about the crew? Where are they?"

"We did not have the parts." it repeated.

"There must have been about fifty people on your ship. Where did they go?"

"We did not have the parts."

", it means the crew became the parts." I explained. "It's just doing what it was programed to do. Repair the ship any way possible. With what ever no matter what."

"But what are you doing here? Your opening up time windows. That takes colossal energy."

"Why come here?" I asked.

"One more part is required."

"Then why haven't you taken it?"

"She's is incomplete."

"So that's the plan? Opening up more and more time windows checking to see if she's done yet?"

"Why her?" Rose asked. "You've got all of history to choose from, so why specifically her?"

"We are the same."

"We are in no way the same!" Reinette yelled.

"We are the same."

"Get out of here." It disappeared.

"IT's back on the ship! Take the key and Arthur, go after it, follow it, don't approach it. Just watch what it does."


"Good name for a horse."

"No, your not keeping the horse." Rose whined.

"I let you keep Mickey, no go go go!" I ran after them, leaving the Doctor. Mickey and Rose talked quietly. But before I knew it, a robotic arm was around my throat.

"Rose!" I yelled. But it was too late. They plunged a needle into my skin and I fell to the floor as the darkness overtook me.


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