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Riley Drury

The Doctor suddenly threw a burst of energy at them, making them scream out.

"What the heck was that?"

"Or, how about instead, run!" The Doctor yelled. The Van stopped by us and we piled in.

"What the heck was that?" Rickey asked from the front.

"Just a little technology from Katherine and I's home."

"Where exactly is home?" Kathy asked. I looked at the Doctor. He shook his head and the question remained unanswered.

"Look, It doesn't matter. No more questions. This ends tonight." We got out of the van. People and Cybermen where all over the place, walking to one place. They were being controlled.

"Oi, come and have a look." We peered around the corner. Cybermen marched among the people.

"Where do you think they're going?" I asked. "Base of operation?"

"Battersea." Pete answered.

"Why's he doing it?"

"He's dying. This all started out as a way of prolonging life, keeping the brain alive at any cost."

"The thing is I've seen cybermen before haven't I? That head those handle things in Van Statten's museum." Rose asked the Doctor.

"Well there are cybermen in our universe. They started on an ordinary world just like this."

"Then they spread across the Galaxy." I added. "If there's a parallel version, then they're starting right here on earth."

"What the heck are you three on about?" Pete asked us.

"Never mind that, we need to split up and get out of the city. Mrs. Moore you take care of that lot Jake you go right, Mickey, Katherine, Kathy and I will go left." Mickey kissed Rose and I waved goodbye to the Doctor.

"Be careful." He said.

"Please, when am I not?" I asked, turning and going with them. We ran as fast as we could stopping in an ally.

"Where are they?" I asked.

"I don't know, but I bet they saw us." Rickey told me.

"They know where we are." Kathy and I said in unison. We turned towards each other and laughed.

"What is with you two anyway. I mean, I'm braver then him, but you two? Your exactly alike. And your friends are alright." Rickey pointed out. We turned to see the Cybermen.

"Split up!" Kathy yelled, grabbing my hand and dragging me to the left. We ran until we were cut off the ducked the other way. Mickey and Rickey were on the other side of the fence.

"Go!" I yelled, pushing her over the fence. I picked up a rock and threw it at the cyberman. They turned around and came towards me while I ran the other way. I watched as Rickey hopped back over, trying to help Kathy up. He died. But that's when I felt the cold metal hand on my shoulder and the electric shock rack my body.



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