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"Her face is completely gone." The Doctor said, scanning her with the sonic.

"Scarcely an electrical impulse left. It's very close to a complete Neural shutdown." I observed.

"It's like her brain's been wiped clean."

"What are we going to do, Doctor. We can't even feed her." Tommy asked, worried. That's when we heard the front door being broken down.

"We've got company."

"Theyv'e come for her!"

"What was she doing before this happened? Where was she? Tell me quick."

"She doesn't leave the house. She was just-" The men came into the room.

"Hold on! There are three very good and complicated reasons why you should listen to us-" I was cut off when they slapped me across the face. I fell and hit my head on the wall. They took her and ran down the stairs. I didn't see what happened after that because I drifted off into unconsciousness.


When I woke up, I was on the couch in the living room.

"Where's the Doctor?" I asked. Rita sat beside me.

"Your friends left about twenty minutes ago. You've got quite the bruise from the wall." I stood up, but she sat me back down.

"You shouldn't be walking around. You could be seriously hurt. We should get a doctor-"

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Connolly, but I promise I can manage." I stood up, smoothing out my dress. I left the house and walked back to the TARDIS. I didn't know how to contact him. I'm sure he was too far away for thought communication. But that's when I saw a familiar figure on the side of the rode. It was Rose. And She had no face. "Oh, Rose." I said, helping her up. But soon, the police car from earlier pulled up. I was shoved into the car beside her.


"We've got another one." One man said. I saw the doctor.

"Katherine." I slapped his arm.

"You left me, unconscious, at the Conelle's!" I scolded, slapping him one last time.

"Oh...I knew I forgot something." I elbowed him but he grabbed my elbow and pulled me to him. I turned my face and he kissed my cheek.

"No, you forgot me. But let's focus on Rose?" I said. He turned and they took the blanket off of her face. We looked at her blank face.

"Where did you find her?"

"In the street." I grabbed his hand, trying to calm him down. When we left the building, it was morning. We rushed to the Conelle's house and rang the doorbell. Tommy answered.

"Tommy, talk to us." The Doctor said.

"We need to know exactly what happened inside that house." But that's when his dad came out.

"What the blazes do you think your doing?" He whispered.

"I want to help, dad."

"Mr. Connolly." I said. He got in my face.

"You just shut your face, you-"

"You might want to back up." The Doctor said angrily. He turned to his son.

"Listen you little twerp. Your hardly out of the bloomin' cradle, so I don't expect you to understand. I've got a position to maintain. People 'round here respect me. It matters what people think."

"Is that why you did it, dad?"

"What do you mean? Did what?"

"You ratted on Gran. How else would the police know where to look? Unless some coward told them."

"How dare you? You think I fought in the war so mouthy little scum like you could call me a coward?"

"You don't get it, do you. You fought against fascism, remember? People telling you how to live, who you could live with, who you could fall in Love with, who could live and who had to die. Don't you get it? You were fighting so that little twerps like me could do what we want, say what we want. Now, you've become just like them. You've been informing on everyone else too, haven't you? Even Gran, only to protect your stupid reputation."

"Eddie, is that true?" Rita emerged from the door.

"I did it for us, Rita. She was filthy. A filthy, disgusting, thing!"

"She's my mother. All the others you informed on, the whole street, Our friends."

"I had to. I did the right thing."

"You did the right thing for us, Eddie, or for you? You go Tommy. You go with the Doctor and do some good. Get away from this house. It's poison. We had a ruddy monster living under our roof alright, But it weren't my mother." She shut the door in his face.


"Come on, Tommy." I said gently.

"Tommy, tell me about that night. The night she changed."

"She was just watching the telly."

"Rose said it, she guessed it straight away. Of course she did."


We broke the glass of Magpie's front door and went inside. He banged down on the desk bell. I opened a draw and pulled out a portable television.

"That is not right." I said. I licked it. "It tastes like...Iron. Bake light. That is beautiful." The Doctor held the sonic up in the air and faces appeared on the televisions. I instantly found Rose. She was mouthing 'Katherine' and 'Doctor'.

"We're coming." he whispered. Then Magpie made a reappearance.

"What do you think your doing?"

"We want our friend restored and I think that's beyond a little backstreet electrician. So tell us who's really in charge here?"

"Youhoo. I think that must be me." It was a woman on a television. "Oh, these ones are clever."

"IS she talking to us?"

"I'm sorry Gentlemen, and Lady,you brought this upon yourselves."

"I'm the wire. And I will gobble you up. Especially her. She's so pretty."

"Doctor, is this what got my gran?"

"Yes, it is." But that's when the power from the TV attached to our faces. But before I knew it we fell to the ground. I couldn't see, I couldn't think, nothing. Just plain, old nothing.


After what felt like hours of nothing, I regained consciousness. I walked out onto the street, looking around for the Doctor. I quickly found Rose and soon after found the Doctor. We all hugged each other tightly. We walked back to the street, where people were eating, playing laughing. Rose went to get some food and we stood with Tommy, watching his dad leave with a suitcase.

"Go after him." I said.


"He's your dad."

"He's an idiot."

"That may be true, but without your idiot dad, Clever, smart, you, wouldn't exist. He's family. Just go talk to him." He ran over.

"You are...amazing." The Doctor said. I smiled up at him. Before I knew it, I was dragged around the corner.

"Doctor, what-" My words were cut off by his mouth. I leaned back against the wall and ran my fingers through his gelled up hair. His hands were on my waist. It felt so...familiar. I now realized how much I had missed him. True, it was a different pair of lips, but it was still my Doctor. I pulled back. I smiled at him and he smiled back. And just like that, we walked back to the TARDIS, hand in hand.


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