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We are less than a week away from seeing the 7th film in the Star Wars saga, and fans across the world are preparing themselves for the continuation of George Lucas's space epic. Padiwans and Jedis are taking massive lengths to make sure they have the best time they can possibly have (One man paid over $2000 to buy out an entire theater so he watch the movie by himself).

Disney is also making sure that fans are given the best viewing experience possible, and are taking as many measures as possible the plot of The Force Awakens stays under wraps, one of the most notable having been Disney paying Mark Hamill not to give any interviews about the upcoming film. They are so determined to prevent spoilers from being leaked that they are doing something a lot of blockbuster films never do...

There Will Not Be Any Early Screenings of The Force Awakens for Movie Theater Staff.

According to Reddit, Disney is barring theaters from giving their staff early screenings, an customary perk of working at most movie theaters and has been done with major film series in the past like the Harry Potter films, the recently finished Hunger Games movies, and the Star Trek reboots. Redditor hypedwookie13 posted on December 12:

Disney sent us an email stating that we can't do an employee screening for The Force Awakens, and that if we show the movie before 7 p.m. on the 17th, they will pull the movie entirely.

So as to not jeopardize the opportunity for fans to see what will be one of the highest grossing films of 2015, movie theaters across must obey what Disney. This isn't an issue for midnight screeners and early movie goers in general, this is an issue for fans.

We, as media consumers, have social guidelines and customs in place to protect the spoiler-sensitive from having the movie, book, TV show or video game they're experiencing ruined. The important thing to remember is that the movie theater workers have been waiting just as long as the fans who got tickets to the earliest possible showing. Star Wars fans need to band together and make sure that every fan gets the spoiler-free film going experience everyone deserves. Hypedwookie13 puts it best:

Please remember that most workers are fans of Star Wars and can't wait to see it either, but may not have yet had the chance. Don't spoil it! Not only that, but there will be a ton of people waiting in line outside the exits. Let's be courteous!

Make Sure Star Wars Spoilers are Kept to a Minimum

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