ByMack Taylor, writer at

Jessica Jones arrived on Netflix with mostly positive reviews. And it's great. And after watching it I've picked up on two references to Batman:

1. "A dynamic duo". Kilgrave tells Jones that they could be "quite the dynamic duo" if they teamed up as heros. This could be seen as a possible reference to Batman and his sidekick Robin.

2. "What doesn't kill us makes us stranger". After being asked by Simpson if she is okay Jessica Jones responds with: "Well, what doesn't kill us makes us stranger." to which Simpson replies: "Stronger". This is clearly a reference to The Dark Knight when the Joker says something very similar: "I believe that whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you stranger".

Well, those are two Batman references I have spotted in the new Jessica Jones series. Let me know of any other easter eggs you spotted referring to anything outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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