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I think we'll see a different universe. A universe for at least 10 years on going.

Starting in 2022:


Batman Vs The Joker (Jason Todd as Robin) With some flashbacks of how he was trained by Ra's Al Ghul and how his parents got killed.


Superman Vs Doomsday. Superman gets some help from Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman Vs Cheetah.

The Flash:

The Flash Vs Reverse Flash. The Flash teams up with Green Arrow at the end of the movie.


Green Lantern:

Green Lantern vs Sinestro, we won't just see 1 but 2 Green Lanterns in this movie.


Aquaman Vs Black Manta. Static Shock will help Aquaman.

Green Arrow:

Green Arrow Vs Deathstroke. Do i need to say more?


Red Tornado:

Red Tornado Vs Red Volcano.

Batman 2:

Batman who let Jason Todd die in the first movie, might have a problem. Ra's al Ghul brainwashed Jason to kill Bruce Wayne. Can Bruce redeem Red Hood?

Red Hood and Red Arrow:

After Jason todd got redeemed we might see him in action against Ra's Al Ghul. But Batman calls The Green Arrow for some help. He sends Red Arrow Roy harper over.

Black Canary:

After helping Green Arrow with Deathstroke she might need some help with The Huntress and more villains.


Superman 2:

Superman Vs Black Zero and Vartox.


Suicide Squad:

Bad Guys Vs The baddest guys.

Batman 3:

After The Joker escapes in Suicide Squad, and Harvey Dent becomes Two Face they will try to take down Batman. Batman finds himself a new Robin called Dick Grayson.


Wonder Woman 2:

Wonder Woman vs Ares.

Green Arrow & The Flash 2:

Green Arrow & The Flash Vs Brick.


Hawkman and Hawkgirl vs Boras Boran.


Superman 3:

Superman Vs Brainiac.

Batman 4:

Batman Vs The Riddler and Doctor Hurt.

Red Hood and Red Arrow 2:

Red Hood and Red Arrow vs Scarecrow.


The Flash 3:

The Flash Vs Rogues. The Flash gets some help from Static Shock.

Green Arrow 3:

Green Arrow Vs Komodo. Green Arrow gets some help from Mia Daerden (Speedy)


Batman & Superman:

Batman needs Superman's help when he has to fight against 4 villains, Bane, Hush, Penguin & Poison Ivy. Superman also needs some help against Parasite.


Justice League part 1:

(Cyborg and 1 more will be introduced) Justice League started with Batman and Superman saying that they need a team for what's coming.

Justice League Vs Darkseid, Vandal Savage, Damien Darkh, King Kull, Starro, Amazo, Amos & Felix Fraust.


Justice League Part 2:

The second part of the movie.


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