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I've read a lot of dc,marvel comics and watched the movies

Lets get straight to the point who will, probably and not appear in the avengers infinity war.

Iron Man- 90 will appear if he makes it through Captain America civil war

Captain America-85% appear if he makes it through Captain America civil war

Hulk- 100% will appear because he is the hulk

Thor-100% will appear because he has a lot to with the infinity stones

Hawkeye- 75% will appear because he probably makes it out of captain america civil war

Black Widow- 75% Will appear if she makes it through Captain America civil war

Vision- 100% will appear because he has the mind stone on his head

Scarlet Witch- To be honest I don't know but i will give it a 65% she will appear

Winter Soldier- 50% part 1 because captain america could die and part 2 75% so he can be in a mixed team and help the avengers

Antman- 65% Probably will appear in the two partner movie and if he does appear it may be part 1 50% and part 2 100%

Falcon- 85% probably will appear because he is in the avengers

Wasp- 65% for the same reason as Antman

Spider-man- 100% duh who wouldn't wanna see spider-man in space

Black Panther- 95% will probably appear because they don't simply just make a movie about him and don't put him the avengers. If he does appear it could be in part 1 75% and part 2 100%

Doctor Strange- 100% if a infinity stone is in his solo movie and if not 75% will appear anyway

Captain Marvel- 100% she will appear in part 2 but maybe part 1 50%

I think that

War Machine

25% not appear because he may die in captain america civil war but it is rumored that he will cameo in Captain Marvel so i'll give it a 50%

In conclusion

i think the avengers ( original 6) and scarlet witch, vision, falcon, war machine, spiderman may not make it in the end of part 1 and then in part 2 it could have Antman, Wasp, Black panther, Doctor strange, Captain marvel, Winter solider and others i didn't mention and then the ones that died will be resurrected


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