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Kurt Arthur

Yes I do like that network, very much so! When you talk to your sophisticated whatevers about television and you mention that you like the CW; expect a look of respect totally lost. Okay the CW was(is) made for the young women demographic with the soap opera ( is that a bad thing?) themes, and the impossibly handsome leading men. Also the production values besides The Flash leaves a lot to be desired. This is not HBO and Netflix where they have a year to produce thirteen episodes at the most. I know there is a lot to choose from and why should you waste your time with a teeny-bopper network? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is definitely one reason, I cannot get over how much joy this show brings me. This show was intended for Showtime and instead ended up on the CW. The show deals with complicated issues with ease, and try not to like " Sexy Getting Ready Song." I thought I would hate the musical numbers, but they're awesome and nicely paced through an episode. Also Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash are easily in my top ten or fifteen favorite shows to watch ( they're so many I should make list that no one will care about, but it is fun to write). Watch Supernatural and not fall in love with Sam and Dean. This show can be overly dramatic and extremely hilarious. This whole thing with Sam and Dean "subtext" is totally gross, they're brothers, but Destiel might have a shot. Arrow is the definition of soap opera heroics, and season two might be one of the best seasons I have ever seen on any network. Arrow suffers from the CW's productions and time frames ( that tracking show with Thea, second to Daredevil) with the show trying to be action-packed. The Flash is better looking, more charming younger brother in the Flarrowverse.There are a lot more shows to talk about or I could keep writing why I love these three so much ( I really could)! So how do we convince people we have good taste in shows even though we like the CW? You can't, these shows will never win the accolades that premium networks do, and try to argue that Supernatural is good because of Facebook likes. I wish I had something positive to end on, but I hope we find out whom Zoom is soon!


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