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So in this month, which has been chock full of epic 2016 trailers already, between the likes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), The Legend of Tarzan and X-Men: Apocalypse all bringing new trailers for fans to pour over. But now we have even more, in the form of the first trailer for the sequel to one of the biggest disaster films of all time. Independence Day 2: Resurgence!

Wow. Seriously. Wow. That was a pretty epic tease to the film we've all been waiting twenty years for! Now, let's look at some of the most epic things teased in this trailer!

1. Jeff Goldblum is Back!

While looking older, he doesn't look any worse for wear. And apparently he has, in his own words, "spent twenty years trying to get us ready for this." All of a sudden we always knew they would be back? I didn't know that, did I miss the memo?

2. Earth is Bringing Their A-Game!

Oh yeah! Earth certainly hasn't been crying over the mess the planet is in over the last twenty years, they've been working away like busy bees! All that leftover alien technology certainly didn't go to waste, and they're looking pretty formidable!

3. They Brought Bill Pullman Too! Sort of...

While Bill does look a little worse for wear here, he's still up and kicking, even if he goes into some sort of chamber and appears to get gassed... But still, he's back and so is his speech from the last film as an awesome voiceover to this trailer!

4. A New President!

That's right! While Bill Pullman returns as President Whitmore, he isn't in charge this time! This is President Lanford (Sela Ward) and she will be the one (hopefully) giving the equally awe-inspiring speech to rouse the troops to an epic victory!

5. The Humans Are On The Moon?

Apparently not having his fill of post-apocalyptic worlds in The Hunger Games films, Liam Hemsworth is taking over as the bad-ass partner to Jeff Goldblum's scientist in absence of Will Smith. And for some strange, unknown reason, they're on the moon. Probably a good thing because...

6. The Aliens Are Bringing Their A-Game Too!

And yes, the A in A-Game stands for Asia, because their ship appears to be roughly the same size! Just landing it is going to take out half the human race, so they're off to a good start exterminating us... just like last time I guess.

Those are some pretty awesome things to look forward to! And there's more! The film's first plot description is below!

Decades after original ID4 alien attack, Earth is threatened with a new extra-terrestrial threat, but will the planet's installed space defenses be enough?

Oh yeah, this film is going to be amazing! Look out for Independence Day: Resurgence, set to be released June 24th, 2016!


What was your favourite take-away from the trailer?


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