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Let's get one thing straight, I love soccer and I love anime too. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and my club is The Fort Lauderdale Strikers of The 2nd division of American soccer: The North American Soccer League; The league from the 70's and 80's that featured some of soccer's greatest such as Pele, Georgie Best, Franz Beckenbauer, Ray Hudson, Carlos Alberto and so on. Other than supporting the hometown Strikers, I'm also a supporter of Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, Juventus, FC Barcelona and The Portland Timbers. But I'm also a supporter of a club that doesn't really exist. Its name is East Tokyo United, which is based in the working class suburbs of East Tokyo and is currently one of the poorest clubs in Japan (fictionally). They come from a anime called Giant Killing which is based on a manga by Masaya Tsunamoto. In soccer terms, A giant killing is a miracle when a weaker team defeats a stronger more powerful team and it happens a lot!! When it does happen, the fans go crazy and celebrate!! The anime tells the story of this club which was once the most powerful club in Japan and how its best player brought back to power. The manga that it is based on is pretty good too if you want to start reading it. I'm reading it myself, by the way. Everybody loves an underdog story and this is one of my favorite underdog stories. The first I saw this anime was during the 2015 Women's World Cup and I wanted to look for a good anime about soccer and then I found this and I was instantly hooked. I loved it from the 1st episode!!

The logo of East Tokyo United
The logo of East Tokyo United
ETU's home kit
ETU's home kit

At the beginning of the season, the club is looking for a new manager and they pick out a young man who formerly played for them for 10 years and is probably the greatest player that has ever played for them: Takeshi Tatsumi; Who formerly managed a 3rd Division team in England.

Takeshi Tatsumi, the current head coach of East Tokyo United
Takeshi Tatsumi, the current head coach of East Tokyo United

The fans aren't too excited about their choice of manager because when he left as a player to go to Europe, They began to fall apart and were even relegated to the 2nd division for about 3 years and the supporters expect him to win this season if they are going to trust him again. The person that got them out of there was their long-time captain: #6 Shigeyuki Murakoshi, a central defensive midfielder who had dreams of playing alongside Tatsumi as a rookie, but his dreams were dashed when he was transferred to an unknown club in Europe. Tatsumi has quite a few challenges ahead of him for his new club. He brings up some new faces into the new club including MF Ryo Akasaki, MF Daisuke Tsubaki, DF Kazumi Kiyokawa, FW Kyohei Sera, and DF Osamu Ishihama and puts them on the roster. Now, Tatsumi must use his new team to help bring wins for the club and happiness to their fans. There is a lot of comedy and drama as you would expect from a movie or a TV show about the beautiful game of soccer. Of course, There is a another anime about soccer called Hungry Heart Wild Striker and it's good too; but I think this one is better. The anime is about 26 episodes long but the manga has over 200 chapters and is still being worked on. There are a lot of great movies and TV shows about soccer like Bend It Like Beckham, Green Street Hooligans, Shaolin Soccer, Will: You'll Never Walk Alone and some other good stuff.This is the best anime about soccer I have ever seen!! If you love soccer, you have to see Giant Killing.

This is their current roster:

  • #1 GK Hiroshi Midorikawa
  • #2 DF Kazuki Kuroda
  • #3 DF Yusaku Sugie
  • #4 MF Yoji Kumada
  • #5 DF Tatsuo Ishigami
  • #6 MF Shigeyuki Murakoshi
  • #7 MF Daisuke Tsubaki
  • #8 MF Kenji Hotta
  • #9 FW Yoshinori Sakai
  • #10 MF Luigi Yoshida
  • #11 FW Yotaro Natsuki
  • #12 DF Jun Suzuki
  • #13 DF Shinichi Mukai
  • #14 MF/DF Satoshi Tanba
  • #15 MF Ryo Akasaki
  • #16 DF Kazumi Kiyokawa
  • #17 MF Gabriel Pereira
  • #18 MF/FW Tsyuyoshi Miyano
  • #20 FW Kyohei Sera
  • #21 MF Shingo Yano
  • #22 MF Osamu Ishihama
  • #23 GK Tadashi Sano
  • #24 MF Katsuki Sumida
  • #25 FW Kento Ueda
  • #26 DF Minoru Kobayashi
  • #27 DF Takeshi Kamei
  • #28 MF Kuniaki Hiroi
  • #30 MF Mitsuru Tonoyama
  • #31 GK Hiroyuki Yuzawa

If you want a glimpse at the anime, here are the first five episodes:


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