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Now its been a while since we've seen our friends on the big screen,Last time we seen them was the prequel trilogy in 2005. Its been a long 10 years with no Star Wars movies.And 10 years later has really sparked the awakening of the force. With 2 video games and a movie. Now if you haven't played battlefront or seen anything about the new movie then spoilers are ahead.

Star wars battle front released 11/17/15
Star wars battle front released 11/17/15

Now I am going to try and cover as much of the new era of Star Wars that I can lets see where this goes. Now talk has been that this new video game has been a huge let down, I for one feel it could be better for a next gen game only no past gen game should be better. Even though it seems a let down its about to get better. The first part of the season pass is set to hit early 2016 and it is going to have...4 expansion packs

20 new items that include weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards

4 new heroes and villains

16 maps in new locations

4 additional game modes

"Shoot first" emote

Two week early access to all expansion packs

And i have a hunch on those 4 heroes and villains and also the game modes . First up we have the four new heroes. With the Force Awakens coming out in 5 short days we all know all of those expansions are going to be Episode VII and here our your hero updates Kylo Ren,Rey,Finn,and Captain Phasma. Now thus knowing it is our dreams to play as them as we see they are about to be "savage". Now thus saying we are likely to see a new first order trooper and a resistance solider. And lastly for battlefront Hunt mode is likely to be a new game mode.

Kylo Ren pictured above
Kylo Ren pictured above

THERE IS NO WAY KYLO REN IS LUKE. Back when it was first announced it was said Kylo and Rey were Han and Leia's kids.

Now i know people have said that Kylo was Luke because we have seen little to nun of Luke but George Lucas said a while ago that at the end of Star Wars episode VI Luke was going to take off Vader's mask and say "I'm Darth Vader Now ", But he said Star Wars fans aren't forgiving and cut it out so why would he turn Luke now.? And last Kylo's lightsaber is counter fit some suspect he is on Jakku looking for Anakin's Lightsaber.


Who do you believe Kylo is.?


Best Sith Lord.?


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