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It's true, J.J. Abrams is going to bring a massive payload of lens flares to Star Wars, but there are other things the successful director will bring too, all of which make him the perfect director for Episode 7. Let's jump right in, shall we?

1. Great, Energetic, Fantastic-ly Amazing Fun

Fantastic-ly is not a word, but it doesn't matter. J.J. is going to bring a heck of a lot of fun back to the franchise. You need to go back and watch Star Trek or Mission: Impossible 3 if you don't believe me. Both movies had me practically nailed to the back of my seat during the action sequences. And in Star Trek, J.J. brought humor, wonder, and danger to the universe through his direction and camera work. We can already tell from the trailers that the next Star Wars is going to be insanely fun.

Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek Into Darkness
Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek Into Darkness

2. A Respect Of The Past

It's really easy to glean this information knowing that Harrison Ford and the rest of the original cast are coming back, however I mean this in a broader context. In Star Trek and its sequel, Abrams brought back Leonard Nimoy to reprise his role as an older Spock. This really didn't have to happen, but I heard the gasps in the audience a few years ago when we first got a glimpse of our old hero. This was J.J. honoring the past. He did the same thing in the sequel, by bringing back Khan and making references to the old films in the dialogue (I.E. KHAAAAAANNNNNNNN). He's going to do the same with Star Wars, throwing a few throwbacks inside certain sequences that we haven't already seen from the trailers.

3. Deeper Connection With The Characters

I'm not going to lie, I couldn't sympathize with Anakin Skywalker at all in the prequels. It's probably because his character was so horribly written. But in these films I fully expect to connect with these characters, and also feel their own bonds with each other on screen. When Captain Kirk died during Star Trek Into Darkness, I definitely and shamelessly cried my eyes out. The friendship between Spock and Kirk was something I could feel. Throughout the movie J.J. was building up the question of whether Spock can show any emotion at all regarding his loved ones--so when he finally breaks down and weeps over his old friend, it's enough to send me spiraling downwards into my emotions. Well done J.J., and I know when Rey cries in the film(which we've seen in the trailers), I'll probably be crying too.

4. Practical Effects

J.J. is huge on practical effects, and unless you saw that production video released mid-summer showcasing the making of Star Wars Episode 7, you may not know just how practical Abrams got. I mean, BB-8 is real people! I saw the droid in the original trailer and thought it must've been a digital character. By the way, BB-8 is going to become a superstar, I'm calling it. Critics and audiences alike panned the prequel trilogy because of the over-use of digital settings and characters, but I feel that J.J. is getting back to the spirit of the old trilogy with how he made this one.

5. Something A Little New

We all know that Episode 7 will be similar to the original trilogy, but J.J. has already come up with some new content of his own, like the new crossguard lightsaber. Audiences everywhere are getting the vibe of the old films from the trailers, but we have yet to see many of the new aliens, settings, and history (Battle of Jakku) of the new Star Wars universe. We can count on this one not being an exact replica of the old films, but something that reminds us of the past while also barreling onward into the future.

When I heard the news that J.J. was going to direct Episode 7, I was thrilled. I'll leave you with one last point, and the reason why I know Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens is going to be stunning.

Super 8 isn't J.J.'s best work. In fact, it's probably his worst, but the ending of the film is so beautiful that I felt the strong urge to buy it when it released on DVD. A boy who loses his mother is the main character, and all he has to remember her by is a locket with her picture. During the film's conclusion, an alien that's been held hostage on earth rebuilds his spaceship from metal substances around the area. All of the metal starts floating towards the ship and attaches to other pieces to eventually make his vessel, but the boy catches his mothers locket before it slips away to help the alien escape.

There's an emotional moment where we see that Joe doesn't want to let his mother's memory go, and if anybody watching had a heart, they had misty eyes during this moment.

Above all else, J.J. is going to bring that emotion to both the characters that we've known, and the characters that we will know in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158). As long as he gets the characters correct (which he will), the audiences will walk away more than satisfied come December 18.


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