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I got a good theory of how they should handle the next Spider-Man reboot in 2017. And might I say: Tom Holland looks like the perfect Spider-Man! Break a leg buddy! Anyway, here's what I think should go on in the movie. I think you'll love to see it in live action.

Cast 6-7 Villains!

Marvel can pull off with a cast of 6 villains in this movie. They're doing it in Civil War! But with superheroes. Spider-Man has a whole variety of heroes just like Spider-Man. Many of them he fights on the streets, because they're street level criminals that somehow gained powers or some type of super tech. Having 1 or 2 villains are kinda boring because it makes most of the movie drama because of his relationships with other characters such as Harry, Aunt May, Mary Jane, etc. But anyway here are some villains that should appear in the movie. And I'll tell what they should do in it.


Electro is a perfect example of a street level villain. He's very well-known in the Spider-verse, but not the type to be the main villain in Spider-Man's movie. I have the perfect first scene for the reboot. Electro is walking up the street robbing people and stores as much as he can. Police tries to stop him but he sends electricity to all the police cars, exploding them and scaring them off. That's when Spider-Man himself can come in with the entrance of the century. He'll take this guy out, web him up against the wall, then go to school! He can go to school without a scratch from Electro.

Scorpion and Vulture

This just gets more interesting for the web-slinger. He's doing his homework and these guys are just taking people hostage and robbing them! Both of them together would just be fun for Spider-Man to thrash. His trash talk would only aggravate Vulture, and make Scorpion madder and madder. After he beats these guys to a pulp, which would take a while since it's a team-up Peter is gonna wonder: where are these guys coming from? Where are they getting these powers? Oscorp? Most likely Oscorp. We're they experiments, in accidents, or did they steal the tech/potions? Time for Peter to put his powers to the test and spy!

Rhino and Sandman

Ok now this has gone too far. Spider-Man is trying to do some homework here and now these guys are just destroying things on his streets just because! By homework I mean spying on Oscorp to see what's going on. Now this is where it gets difficult for him. Rhino and the Sandman are two extra large villains that Spider-Man usually has a hard time beating. Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man is most likely slated to be in this movie. This may be where he comes in to help him out? He can even bring out Hulkbuster for the Rhino! Spider-Man can handle the rest. Iron Man may also want to recruit him, after seeing him take out the other street villains. Then again they're getting tired of this. They have to find out where they're coming from. But that's alright, there's only one person evil enough to send all these villains out.

Dr. Octopus

That's right. Doc Ock himself. Otto Octavius sees Spider-Man and also the Avengers as the savior of his city, even the world. And he doesn't like it one bit. He wants it all to be his. So he keeps sending villains out to lure Spider-Man out, and have them take destroy him. That plan didn't work out. So why not take that matter in his own hands? He goes after Spider-Man hisself, and leads him to a trap. All the villains he fought earlier returns at once, ready to take out Spider-Man once and for all. And Doc Ock is their leader. What do you call them? I think you know


Now some of you may think: how is Spider-Man gonna beat these guys by himself? How come the sinister 6 doesn't consist of Mysterio or Kraven? Well there were a lot of cartoons and comics of Spider-Man fighting them. The team members weren't always the same. But the Sinister 6 isn't the Sinister 6 without the top 3 members: Doc Ock, Electro, and Vulture. The last 3 members usually vary between Lizard, Scorpion, Kraven, Rhino, Mysterio, Green Goblin,Sandman or Venom. So if we see the Sinister 6, it may not be the ones listed above. Especially Venom. He's someone we'd like to see fight Spider-Man by hisself. And then team up with him to fight Carnage.

Sidenote: Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. have a Marvel movie to film in Atlanta soon, and this is most likely the one. So if they join Spider-Man as Captain America and Iron Man, then there's how the Sinister 6 will be beaten! Unless Spidey has no trouble taking them all down hisself. Will that then be when Spider-Man joins the Avengers? Or will someone new make their debut and help him? Dare I say...Spider-Woman!


So basically in between all these fight scenes with the villains. Peter still handles his life as a nerdy outcast in school with Harry Osborn and Mary Jane, and how he's living with the loss of Uncle Ben: his father figure. Uncle Ben May show as a flashback because this reboot won't be another origin story. Thank God. He also may test his connection with other Avengers, and superheroes that aren't exactly Avengers. I'll even make up my own synopsis.

While juggling life as an average teenager and a web slinging superhero, Peter Parker investigates the origins of the various villains that terrorize New York, while the mysterious one who sends them arises from the mists.

I know it's not a lot, but put it all in live action and you have a bunch of satisfied nerds! Now I want you guys in the comments to decide who would be cast as the villains, and if this would be a good plot. Thanks for reading! I'll be doing more posts that has to do with Marvel.


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