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I would love to see VA become a tv serie by Julie Plec but I'm afraid too loose somethings in the process. Yes the movie was crap and felt like a Disney movie but I loved Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri and i also think that Zoey Deutch made a very good Rose, Lucy Fry as Lissa and Dominic Sherwood as Christian was also good choices if you ask me. I'm sad about making VA as a tv serie and not a second movie but I would be more sad to never see VA on the screen ever again. Julie Plec is the best, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are two of my favorite tv series and without Julie Plec they would probably not turned out that way. So I say if the movie really never gonna happen then give Julie a chance maybe she will turn the bad movie into oblivion and make us give our hearts to the tv serie.

I just want to say another thing.. And that's about The Mortal Instruments. I LOVED the movie mostly because of the cast, I think Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins was the dream team they where PERFECT as Clary and Jace, and the rest of the cast was perfect too. Yeah the movie left out a couple of things but the cast drove the movie to the top and I was destroyed when I found out that City of Ashes wasn't going to happen. But now we all now that the tv serie Shadowhunters has premier soon (Next month) but I'm really not that excited. I have watched the trailers for the tv serie and looked at the cast. For starters I don't think most of the cast fits for the characters, atleast not as good as the movie cast did. And I think the trailers only shows that this isn't going to be great at all, I think it looks like a bad disney tv serie for small kids. I'm so sad that they even thought of this in the first place THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE GOOD. The books are the top 3 series I have ever read and the thought of the best books are going to be a really bad corny tv serie just tear my eyes up. PLEASE MAKE A SECOND MOVIE!!


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