ByMarquel Johnson, writer at

Im ready for Civil war because BVS is going to do the same stupid shit the comics do have batman beat superman with a small piece of kryptonite. When superman can fight metallo, lift a island composed of kryptonite, he can fight a man that is mad of Kryptonite like every part of the man is kryptonite. So how can superman fight a man made or f kryptonite but when Batman pulls out a small ring of kryptonite this nigga is completely powerless like he can even breath do nun there is no way for him to escape at all. Also how can his power set include super intelligence but then when he fight batman he dumb. Like he is a God when he fight everyone else but when it comes to batman he just human. Like he archnemisis is Batman just not a superhero. His name is lex Luthor. They both rich, extra fucking smart, lex owns way more kryptonite then batman. Lex suit runs on kryptonite like everything he builds has kryptonite in it. Superman always beat him but batman just in fucking beatable. Wow.


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