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Rumors started floating around the Internet this weekend stating that award winning actress Cate Blanchett will most likely have a role in the upcoming Marvel movie [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858). Now, while these rumors have yet to be confirmed, Cate Blanchett would be a wonderful addition to the cast, and according to most sources this is all but set in stone at this point. No details have been given on who she is in the talks to play, but based off of her psychical appearance, acting capabilities, the comic books, and details we already know about the movie, I have complied a list of three characters I believe she has the highest chance of playing.


All the way back in October it was confirmed that the third installment to the Thor franchise would see the rise of the female super heroine Valkyrie. The Asgardian born warrior, was chosen by Odin himself to lead a team of Midgardian (human) women. Valkyrie has also been a member of both the Avengers and the Defenders. Cate Blanchett fits the physical characteristics of Valkyrie perfectly and her name recognition would be a wonderful way to bring more female superheroes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is probably one of the most likely roles Cate will play, as it has already been confirmed that Valkyrie would be in the movie. However, there are a couple other characters that the lovely Cate Blanchett would be able to bring to life.

The Enchantress

Not to be confused with the DC super villain the Enchantress who will be starring in the 2016 movie Suicide Squad. This Marvel super villain is a nemesis of Thor and is very involved in the Ragnarok story line. Her real name is Amora, and like Valkyrie, is an Asgardian. She has spent her immortal life in the pursuit of mystical knowledge, and is now regarded as one of the most powerful sorceresses in the known universe. Her magical abilities are primarily focused, but by no means limited to, charming and mind-controlling people.

How does she fit into the movie universe?

Well as I stated above, Valkyrie is definitely going to be in Thor: Ragnarok, and Amora is not only a foe of Thor but a primary antagonist to Valkyrie. Amora formed an alliance with Valkyrie, before Valkyrie learned of Amora's evil nature, and trapped her soul and took over her body, needless to say Valkyrie was not please with this and when she found her way back to Asgard became sworn enemies with Amora.

Queen Hela

In the comics, Loki is the primary antagonist in the story as he brings about the end of the world for Asgard. However, Loki can't do this on his own so he enlists the help of his children, Fenris (a giant wolf) and Hela (Queen of Hel), to be his lieutenants. While Cate Blanchett doesn't really match the physicality of Hela, she definitely has the acting chops to bring the character to life. Also, although Tom Hiddleston is not old enough to be Cate's dad (she's older), time works strangely in Asgard and they appear to be of similar ages. It was also rumored about a month ago, that Hela would be appearing in Ragnarok making her a likely choice for Cate to play, however, that rumor was never confirmed.

There you have it! My top three choices of who Cate Blanchett could play in Thor: Ragnarok.

Agree with my choices? Have another idea? Comment below!


Who do you think Cate Blanchett could play?


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