ByNathan Ivey, writer at

Science fiction is growing bigger as a genre. We need Star Trek to continue being Star Trek so there is a variety available. I love things science fiction/space opera. While Star Trek fits into the science-fiction genre category, more space adventure movies to compete with comic book movies is why Star Trek should continue beyond Trek 3, no pun intended. I love the Star Trek movies and grew up on the 90s movies and television shows like: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. These shows encouraged me to dream big for the future and now my children are old enough to watch the new time line stories JJ Abrams started. I know Abrams is busy with Star Wars and I cannot wait to see what he has done for that franchise, however, moving forward if He can not return to direct, then by all means please find the right crews to carry on what Abrams started and give us another 6 or 8 films! There is so many storylines that can be told with this new crew that only 3 films would be such a waste. Here's hoping for more films after Star Trek Beyond. Don't let us down Paramount Pictures, keep this franchise going and please give us Trek movies sooner than every three years!


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