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Vitmor Gomes

Lately Ariana Grande has been involved in plenty of scandals. She cancelled her tour with NO explanation. Then on December 1st she was seen walking her dog and her face didn't look like her normal self. People speculated that she did a plastic surgery that, most likely went wrong.


I don't wan't to believe that but, that's is not the reason were here now is it?

In the last few years weve grown to accept that Ariana Grande isn't the doll we are used to and she has been proving it quite well. Specially with her new video "Focus". Here are some gifs to remind you:

Ariana Grande was in Chicago, performing her hit song "Problem", and she decided to wear a really, really tiny skirt, and, as we all know she likes to dance and move around on stage. Imagine that with a skirt that size. Luckily you don't need to imagine because here are some pictures taken:

That's what you get Ari, for skirts that size.

What do you think of that plastic surgery rumor going around?


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