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‘The Force Awakens’ will be in theaters before we know it. Expectations are sky-high and everyone has bought their tickets! People have been counting the days and now we are counting the hours! What has been going on in the mind of George Lucas?

Disney has not been calling him for any help or words of wisdom. He had ideas for the seventh episode. However, J.J Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy did not want to use them. Possibly, Lucas is dancing like Drake in a cube and filming a music video! I mean, Drake's awful hotline-bling dancing is a real "phantom menace!"

Hope you enjoy the thoughts of George Lucas in the melody of "HOTLINE BLING" by Drake!


You used to call me about

You used to, you used to


You used to call me about Star Wars

But now y'all love J.J Abrams

Call me about Star Wars

But now it's all it Disney's hands

And I know y'all hate Jar Jar Binks

But I don't care what you freaks think

Y'all talk trash bout Anakin

But you'll watch my prequels again.

Ever since I sold Lucasfilm you,

You got a reputation for nerding out,

Everybody knows that you'll camp out

You'll see it, you don't even know what it's about

'Cause ever since I sold Lucasfilm you,

you started wearing your Star Wars gear more

Keep going to Disneyland for Star Tour

Like you've never seen Harrison Ford before

Lyrics Written by Brandon Swofford & Diego Aranda

Song Performed by R.J Godinez

Edited by Brandon Swofford (a.k.a BMoneyrulz)


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