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Well, the episode starts off with the dead scene. Yeah, Picollo is dead again. He took a laser shot for Gohan again. However, Picollo’s death was poorly executed. Nothing even close to when Picollo saved Gohan from Nappa. Also it looked like his death could have been saved for a better occasion.

And I seriously don’t feel like talking about Gohan anymore. They turned him into a complete joke. I get they have some purpose and might be planning something big for him. But, he looks too damn lame. He just couldn’t degrade that much even if he didn’t train. And I don’t know why the hell they made Gohan so skinny. He looks like a stick! If you don’t train you can lose muscularity and mass. But, you can’t possibly become that skinny for not training. After Picollo’s death Gohan screams hilariously and tries to make some sort of power up and obviously fails.

However, Goku and Vegeta try to get back to earth. Goku finds it difficult to instant transmit as he can’t sense anyone’s ki from Earth for the distance problem.

Gohan tries to go super saiyan and fails. Frieza getting irritated at Gohan’s lameness decides to kill him as he throws a beam targeting Gohan. But, Gohan is saved once again this time by Goku however. Gohan’s attempted transformation helped Goku to detect ki and instant transmitted there. Goku deflects the beam away with his wrist.

Gohan helpless Dragon ball Super
Gohan helpless Dragon ball Super

Goku and Frieza had some reunion talk. Frieza for the thousandth time mentioned how he suffered in hell and how he wants to kill Goku and then Vegeta. However Captain Ginyu wanted to fight them first and Vegeta fulfilled his wish by destroying him with a single shot. (Check description for video links)

Frieza transforms into his final form (the previous one, not gold) as he mentioned he underestimated Goku last time and don’t want to do the same this time. In the transformation process he killed all the soldiers who were around him waiting to be killed by someone.

Goku however didn’t go super and said it won’t be required as they both prepare to fight. That’s where the episode ends and we will get to see them fight in the next episode. I just wish Sorbet don’t laser gun Goku like in the movie.

I think Dragon Ball Super is going too fast. Death scenes are being shown too lightly. But, I would like to believe that they are doing this only because the fans have less interest about this arc as we already witnessed it in the resurrection F movie. And I sure hope we will see better quality of everything from the next arc as the Manga indicates we have some really thrilling stories to look forward to.

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Freeza final form Dragon Ball Super
Freeza final form Dragon Ball Super

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