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There are a lot of questions, concerns, and false statements that I believe need to be clarified. So I wanted to go over the entire X-Men Cinematic Universe.

1. The Original Trilogy

The original trilogy consists of X-Men, X-Men United, X-Men Last Stand, and X-Men: Origins of Wolverine. This series branches off into The Wolverine and the rebooted prequels with a time travel movie as well. The first movie features Mageneto trying to make everyone a mutant and trying to capture Rogue to power it. The main character of the film however is Wolverine. X-Men United features Nightcrawler and General Stryker as new cast members. Finally X-Men Last Stand (badly) tells the Phoenix saga, which is where Jean Greys evil personality comes out and destroys thing, the film results with Wolverine killing Jean to save everyone. The Wolverine uses this in its story and has Jean Grey appear as a dream. Origins of Wolverine tells the story (badly) of wolverine and features Deadpool.

2. The New Timeline is seperate from the Originals

What I mean by this is that the end scene from DOFP is not the legitimate future. Any of those characters can die. Let me explain with three simple words:

Brian Singer said in a interview that now that all the time travel has happened anything can happen, the future is never truly past. People are not born at the same time, everything has changed because Wolverine went back. The future that Wolverine wakes up in is just one possibility that exists, it's more of a alternate timeline. Say Jean Grey dies in the X-Men Apocalypse then the future Wolverine lives in would change, the future is never truly set. Also due to this ripple Apocalypse has awaken, causing a new threat and a new ripple.

3. Apocalypse's look

Now many people compare this to Ivan Ooze and Brian Singer finally has commented on that saying that this is just a picture that is completely unedited and that there is quite a bit of CGI to the character.

4. No one will die

This is a false statement, everyone is saying that no on will die due to the scene in DOFP where everyone is seen alive in the future. However there are ripple effects and other things to factor in, the future is never truly set, so anyone is up to bite the bullet in this film.

5. Deadpool End Fight Revealed

In the trailer at the time 2:06 Deadpools love interest Vanessa

No not Wilson Fisks Vanessa, Deadpools girl Vanessa

There we go! As I was saying Deadpools lover is shown captured in a chamber in the background at around 2:06

Later it is shown that Ajax, the movies villain, is fighting Deadpool in the same place that Vanessa is being stored. This fight takes place on some type of aircraft, another Easter egg can be seen that is a warning label at 2:08.

This leads me to believe that Vanessa will get her powers from the comics at the end of the movie and the end of the movie will be a fight for her against Ajax.

What do you think of the X-Men universe?

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