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I'm just some boy who loves video games and discussing stuff about them! I am also a big fan of superheroes, movies, and much more! So yeah,

So for those of you guys who don't know who the suicide squad is, they are a group created by Amanda Walker to go and create crimes and the members are:Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Deathstroke, El Gato(I think that's the name), and some others and they are(Finally) getting a movie that's coming out in August of 2016 and the trailer looks AMAZING so expect high reviews! In the trailer we have we can see the Joker in the end with quite the new appearance with tattoos(Everywhere), crown teeth, and no shirt(In the trailer) looking SUPER different from the other movies and comics so yeah, new Joker! And in the middle of the trailer we can see what's looks like Batman on top of a car for a split second so he might be the main villain(s) or in this case, Heros who go up against the main characters(Team) so that will be interesting. And the costumes look awesome and very true the characters(Except for Joker) so that's another cool feature! The cast is great as well so hurray for DC absolutely wrecking Marvels movies(Except for Deadpool)! Thats all for now so I'll see y'all later!


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