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In the past five and a half seasons of The Walking Dead we have seen tremendous growth and development in many of the characters. A farmer's daughter has become a leader and symbol of strength. A red neck drifter has found his roots and has opened up to outsiders. And, on the flip side, a morally strong cop has transformed into a much more savage survivor. Even with characters who had a short time on the show, the audience can sense that there is much more to the characters than meets the eye. And in some (most) of these cases, these story lines and character arcs are woefully cut short. Take for instance Mika Samuels, the young but smart girl who is tragically killed by her older, confused sister, Lizzie. While she didn't have the most screen time, viewers could tell that Mika could have grown up to be a strong survivor in the walker-filled world.

Kyla Kenedy, the actress who portrayed Mika, made an appearance at the Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey earlier this month and I got the opportunity to talk to her for a bit.

Me - What was it like to be on the show?

Mika w/ Lizzie and Carol at the Prison
Mika w/ Lizzie and Carol at the Prison
Kyla - It was so much fun! It was such a great experience to get to work with everyone, meet all the amazing people that work on set.

Was there anyone you really gravitated towards?

"Those who arrive survive...."
"Those who arrive survive...."
I definitely worked with a few actors more than others. Like Melissa McBride [Carol], Chad Coleman [Tyreese] and obviously Brighton [Lizzie] so I definitely bonded with them. But you know everyone on that set, working with them or not, has a great relationship so I was really close with all of them.

Can you elaborate a little more on your relationship with Brighton?

Brighton Sharbino and Kyla Kenedy
Brighton Sharbino and Kyla Kenedy
Well we actually knew each other before we booked the show. We both went to the same school and we still go to the same school now so we've been able to keep that close relationship. It was great getting to play sisters with someone you're already close with, so it was a great advantage for the show and us.

How similar are you to Mika as a character and you in real life?

I think that Mika was very educated and could make logical decisions and that's something I hope I can do, I hope I'm doing right now. So that's something we really related to and I definitely thought she was one of the wiser people.

Before you got the role, did you know how long you would be on the show?

I did not. I was guaranteed a certain number of episodes and then after that you just wait and see.

Can you describe what your last day was like?

Well the last scene we actually shot, I don't remember if it was actually in the show or if it got taken out. It was a snip bit of me following Brighton to the railroads where she was feeding that walker. So I was chasing her out... and it was light and airy and I loved it. It was just so emotional but it was a great experience. I got to say goodbye to everyone on set and I loved it!

Do you still watch the show?

I have! I'm behind a lot but I have seen a lot.

So as you're going through it, the fact you were behind the scenes, do you feel like you can predict how things are going to go?

Definitely. There are a couple things that when I watch it, I'm like "Oh! I know this happens!" and la la la la la (laughs) so there are definitely moments like that. But they do a great job with keeping the element of surprise on that show so there are definitely a lot of times I'm surprised with what happens.

What has your experience been like at these cons? I know you've done a few of these now, what has the experience been like?

Kyla and Brighton at a Photo Op
Kyla and Brighton at a Photo Op
They're amazing! It's so awesome to meet the fans and get to talk to everyone like you. Just meeting everyone and seeing them and connect with all the people on the show. I love everything about it!

I was actually in Chicago this February where you had a huge dance off with the actor who played Oscar (Vincent Ward). Who do you think is your biggest competition dance off wise?

Dance off wise... oh gosh! There's so many greats... Probably IronE [T-Dog], he can make a couple moves, he's really good. I'd definitely be afraid to face him off but I think I could beat him pretty well.

Awesome! Well last question: do you have anything new coming out soon where we will see you in the future?

I just did a film recently coming out... Love Is All You Need. And I also signed a FOX Searchlight film that I should be starting up soon!

According to Kyla's official Instagram account, this previous Walker Stalker Con will be her last. It's unfortunate to know that such a beloved character from the show will no longer be making appearances at these conventions. I'm just truly thankful that I was able to talk to Kyla before I missed an opportunity. It was an absolute pleasure to meet such a talented young lady and I'm sure it will only be a matter of time till we see her again.


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