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"Always two there are... a master... and an apprentice."

The above quote is arguably one the greatest things from The Phantom Menace. But it references a very important concept of the Sith: The Rule of Two. The Rule of Two states that there can never be more than two Sith at a time, and was created to counteract Sith apprentices' tendency to murder their masters in their sleep. So that naturally begs the question: is Kylo Ren the master or the apprentice? And, perhaps more importantly, who is the other one? Well, you're in luck because fellow creator Sam Pellegrino and I brainstormed some theories on that very topic!

Theory 1: Luke Skywalker is the master and Kylo Ren is the apprentice

Is this Luke or someone else?
Is this Luke or someone else?

Everyone and their kid brother has been creating theories to help postulate why Luke Skywalker has remained conspicuously absent from the trailers. Many believe his absence means that he has been corrupted by the Dark Side, which would be ironic if only because he gave into becoming what he had previously fought so hard to destroy. So, let's just assume for a minute that Luke is now saying, "I am a Sith, like my father before me." If this is true, Luke is likely Kylo Ren's master, because it's pretty unlikely that he would be Ren's apprentice. The next theory then?

Theory 2: Supreme Leader Snoke is the master and Kylo Ren is the apprentice

Supreme Leader Snoke? Is that really you?
Supreme Leader Snoke? Is that really you?

Although we have yet to actually see the First Order's Supreme Leader Snoke on-screen, we have heard him speak. It is his menacing voice that we hear in the first trailer delivering that now-immortal line, "There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?" In a later trailer, we discover that he is speaking to Kylo Ren. This naturally implies that there is some connection between the two. Is it possible then that Snoke is Ren's Dark Side master? And if not, what if Kylo Ren himself is actually the master? If this is true, obviously Ren can't be Snoke's master, but here are some possibilities for whose master he could be.

Theory 3: Kylo Ren is the master and Poe Dameron is the apprentice

Poe Dameron... reluctantly accepting the Dark Side?
Poe Dameron... reluctantly accepting the Dark Side?

If you look at the above shot, we see Poe Dameron being tortured by Kylo Ren. But what if there's something more going on? What if Ren is actually attempting to forcibly (no pun intended!) corrupt Poe to the Dark Side? It could certainly explain numerous things that follow in the trailer. For example, it might reveal why Finn looks at him so strangely when they pass one another under Poe's X-wing. It might also explain why we see his lone X-wing sheer off from the main group during the firefight with the TIE fighters. But if Poe is strong enough to resist the Dark Side, who else might fall to its charms?

Theory 4: Kylo Ren is the master and Rey is the apprentice

Above is the official theatrical release poster for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158). Look closely at the placement of Rey. She's right in the middle of Kylo Ren and Finn. Now admittedly, this could just be because they wanted their new female lead to be front and center. But what if there's a deeper, more subtle message hiding here? Because she is placed between the Dark Side and the Light, is it possible that Kylo Ren is attempting to turn Rey to the Dark Side? We've already been told there's another Jedi and that said Jedi is not Finn, so it logically follows for it to be Rey. Kylo Ren could be attempting to turn her to the Dark Side just as he could be attempting to do with Poe in the previous theory. But if not Rey, there's only one possibility left.

Theory 5: Kylo Ren is the master and Finn *was* the apprentice

"I was raised to do one what was it?"
"I was raised to do one what was it?"

In the trailer, we hear John Boyega's Finn say, "I was raised to do one thing... but I've got nothing to fight for." What if the "one thing" Finn was raised to do was serve as Kylo Ren's apprentice? If this is the case, suppose that he suddenly realized the one thing he was fighting for was to destroy the Light Side of the Force. And recognizing this made him decide to run away, which would also explain why he is now being hunted like a common criminal and why we see him in a lightsaber battle with Ren.

But the big question is, what do you guys think?


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