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I love writing, musical composition, and animation.

Rewatch the original!

I worked on this video for about 2 weeks. Totally worth it.

I'm planning on doing more of these in the future. This was super fun.

I tried composing the music myself and got pretty far, but it was missing something.

Then I found Jascha Nakladal's midi piano version:

With his permission, I layered them together, and it worked perfectly.

I know it's got too many colors to truly be 8-bit, but 8-bit is a phrase people associate with this art style, and I don't think the characters have a high enough resolution to look like 16-bit. I wanted to have colors. I didn't want to sacrifice mood for the sake of technical accuracy. It's more about the feel.

What trailers should I do next? The next one is already in the works!


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