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O-kay do-kay. If you have not seen the Independence Day: Resurgence trailer I order you to watch it RIGHT NOW.

Watched it? Good.

Okay millenials. I'm glad to have you with me on this ride. We all used to argue about how awesome the first ID4 movie was in first period during the 6th grade 'cause that is what us millenials did, and now the time has come for us to do it again...20 years later.

Roland Emmerich returns to direct a sequel that many thought would never happen (the fools). We love our old cast. No. Will Smith isn't here, and yes, it is sad, but look who showed up for the party: BRENT SPINER, BILL PULLMAN, JUDD HIRSCH, VIVICA A. FOX, and of course JEFF GOLDBLUM. Boom. It's a pretty damn good line-up. The absence of Will Smith's character will probably be explained in some strange way by his wife (Played by Vivica A. Fox). We really can't wait. Judd Hirsch, strangely, doesn't look that much older. He's one of those guys that always looked old even when he was young. I mean, ya'll see Running on Empty?

See? Perpetually "old soul'ed."
See? Perpetually "old soul'ed."

But, I digress. The trailer shows just Pullman, Hirsch, and Goldblum making returns. It doesn't look like we will get to see Randy Quaid for obvious reasons. A couple of returns which will also not see...

Robert Loggia

Sadly, Robert Loggia died just a few days ago on the 4th of December at the age of 85. Loggia was a true badass of the silver screen. While his death happened after the fact, it doesn't make it any less tragic. He did not return to ID4, but his spirit lives on through another General: William Fichtner.

James Rebhorn

We don't know if James would have had another role in the film. It's possible, but the wonderfully talented character actor died in March of 2014 from Melanoma diagnosed 22 years earlier. His character was SUCH an asshole. I never met Rebhorn, but I bet you he was probably a super nice guy.

I honestly cannot tell you how very excited I am for this film. Yes, it was cheesy. Yes, it was hoky. Yes, it was not all that great of a film even. Yet, there is something so endearing and just fun about it, that we all cannot help, but be so very excited that it is returning. It felt very close to home to me and all the other 9 year olds that saw this movie with me back in the day. We were like. "Yeah, this movie is fuckin' awesome." The fact that Emmerich took it seriously enough to do another go around, and give it another shot is a compliment to us kids born in the 80's. Thanks Roland, we all cannot wait for this film to come out this summer.


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