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This upcoming spring we will witness and partake in the most definitive battle between marvel and DC in a live action film. Over the last couple weeks we've been hearing the “buzz” surrounding these two movies. They've based their opinions of the upcoming movies on three minutes. Three minutes out of two and a half hours and they give the entire movie a thumbs up or down. Dawn of Justice will have a head start on Civil War. Who do you see winning this campaign?

Both projects have award winning writers attached. David S. Goyer wrote the original script for Batman v Superman. Chris Terrio may not have much experience but with only 1 script produced he has already proven himself. He has won multiple awards with the superbly written Argo. He’s already been called to pen Justice League 1 and 2, so you have to think that Dawn of Justice did well at screenings. The duo of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely will be scripting the Avengers movie centered on Captain America. This will be the 3rd marvel film they'll be writing together. They have won multiple awards and rave reviews for Life and Death of Peter Sellers. They also scripted The Chronicles of Narnia which received average reviews. Out of 6 books only 3 were adapted into movies. After the abysmal Age of Ultron they've been entrusted to resurrect the series with the two part Infinity Wars.

There are similarities between the two storylines. Hero vs Hero versus heroes vs heroes. Viewers are given the option to choose a side. There aren't any bad guys between the two, they're only in conflict with each other. They are fighting over what they think is right. Civil War will be adapted from the comic Civil war. Now this comic is VAST! Game of Thrones vast. Multiple main storylines. Unfortunately they're going to have to extensively trim it down to fit the big screen, which gives us Captain America v Iron Man. Dawn of Justice will be influenced by the comic The Dark Knight Returns. Influenced not adapted. It will be it's own story. Again, hero versus hero. Which perspective are you choosing? While your hero clashes with the other, the government led by Holly Hunter wishes to hold Superman accountable for the destruction of metropolis. Batman confronts Superman for practically destroying Metropolis. Clark Kent confronts Batman about his vigilante acts. In midst of their fighting, Lex Luthor has Victor Frankenstein like plans when he presents us with Doomsday. As similar as they are, the story goes to Dawn of Justice, mostly because we have never seen the two in the same live action movie. Civil War can be summed up in one scene of the first Avengers. The ones when the Avengers are arguing with each other on the ship before a possessed Hawkeye crashes the party.

These aren't the only comic book films being released this summer, but they are the only relevant ones. Suicide Squad can be saved by the Batman appearance. X-MEN Apocalypse is a remake of First Class. The villain wants to destroy the world and save those who'll follow him. This spring and summer box office will be defined by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice against Captain America: Civil War. Which War and whose side are you on?


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